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Shower Remodel

White Subway Tile Shower with Pebble Rock Shower Pan
Walk In Shower Using Tile with Schluter
Natural stone subway tile and pebble rock shower floor using schluter system
Shower and Bathtub Remodel Using Tile and Schluter System

Spa Like Shower Experience In Your Own Home

Remodeling your shower is one of the most sought after projects in the bathroom. Everyone wants a bigger shower. Most homes in Houston have what we call a phone booth shower in the master bathroom. This is a shower that is 3' x 3' small with a bathtub to the right or left of it. There are several different options people can take when they have this type of setup.

Large Shower Remodel

Large shower remodel with two benches

This option consist of removing the tub and shower to create one giant shower. This is pretty awesome and gives you a ton of showering space. Ever want to  work out or do somersaults in the shower before? Well now you can.

Tub To Shower / Shower To Closet

Tub to shower and shower to closet remodel

This option is more common than the last one. A lot of people just want to have more closet space.  Let's admit it, the older we get, we acquire more things. Some things we shouldn't keep but we never know when we might need it again... right? Let us help you create space to put more stuff and give you a bigger more awesome shower in the process.

Shower Facelift

white carrera marble - natural stone shower

This option never ceases to impress us. The effect by remodeling the same footprint can completely alter the look of the bathroom.

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