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The Pros and Cons of Doing A Tub To Shower Conversion

One of the most common remodeling jobs in a bathroom is to replace the bathtub with a shower. Swapping your old bath out for a brand new shower enclosure is actually a pretty straightforward task, rather than a large renovation. In fact, you can probably manage to complete this change in a couple of days.

Nine Signs You Need A Walk In Tub

Some people don’t mind having a shower fitted and having the bath removed completely, but others miss having a bath to have a soak. With this in mind, you could consider installing a walk-in tub. But, if you are on the fence about having one installed, here are some signs that you should.

13 Up-and-Coming Trends On Shower Remodels

Shower remodeling is a great way to modernize your bathroom and transform the area into an updated space that reflects your style. One of the most popular trends in shower remodeling is shower doors or enclosures that separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom.

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