10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need The Onyx Collection

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Explore the top 10 reasons why the Onyx Collection is a must-have for your bathroom remodel, from design versatility to long-lasting durability.

Is there really anything better than a bathroom remodel? The time you spend choosing all of your new fixtures and fittings, the sinks and the colors of the tile is a lot, but before you know it, you have a brand new bathroom. When we talk about the bathroom, the function of it comes to mind right away. We think of what we use it for, how we best spend our time there and the purpose it has as part of the house. The bathroom is more than just a functional room, though. It provides you with a sanctuary away from the rest of the house. You come here to relax and unwind, to sink into the tub and to just feel relaxed.

Many homeowners look to create a sanctuary when they are creating their bathroom. It’s why they choose beautiful materials that are both sturdy and functional. It’s why they pick the tub that matches their needs and it’s even why they choose showers that offer a luxurious experience. Bathroom remodeling is often the costliest you could imagine and given that most bathrooms are smaller than the rest of the rooms in the house, it can be shocking that they can cost so much. However, when you choose the right manufacturers and collections, you can ensure that your bathroom remodel is as affordable as possible. When you are discussing the house being built or the home remodel, it’s often the bathroom that is started first.

With a little help from a trusted renovator, however, you can ensure that your bathroom remodel is efficient, cost-effective and packed with high quality materials. Is your bathroom a necessary expense? Well, that depends on what you think you could benefit from your bathroom remodel. The process itself is a good undertaking for every homeowner, but there are benefits that you should really take advantage of to pay off the price faster.

Why You Should Choose A Bathroom Remodel

There are plenty of benefits to remodeling the bathroom and once you understand what they are, you’ll be excited to deep dive into the right manufacturers and materials. One of the manufacturers of excellent bathroom materials is The Onyx Collection. We’re going to talk about everything you need to know about bathroom remodeling and the benefits, and then we’re going to talk you through ten compelling reasons why your new home needs a bathroom remodel with the help of The Onyx Collection. Let’s dive into those benefits!

Increasing Your House Value

If there is one huge benefit to a bathroom remodel, it’s the increase in house value that comes with it. One day, you might choose to put your home on the market and that means doing what you can to get the very best price. You can capture the best price when you renovate the bathroom, as the bathroom is one of the first rooms in the house that people look at when buying. A functional bathroom that is modern is often a great point for convincing buyers that they want to proceed with the sale. If you can update the countertops and fixtures, it’s a great start. Adding another bathroom into your home will also increase the value of the house. It’s an additional functionality that your home can offer, perfect for a house sale.

The Chance To Redesign

Perhaps you want to update your materials or even use counters from The Onyx Collection. Either way, a bathroom remodel is going to allow you to redesign the old bathroom to have a more modern feel. You can add technology, upgrade the materials you use for the countertops, change the fixtures and fittings to be more modern and add tubs with luxury features. From jetted bathtubs to tubs with water massagers, you can ensure that you redesign your bathroom to suit your needs. When you remodel, you have the chance to add all upgrades and remove everything that you don't like, too.

Expanding The Space

Remodeling the bathroom gives you the chance to add more space, which then adds value to the home and gives you the chance to live a little luxury. If your old bathroom has become too crowded and cluttered with things, then you could always benefit from more space. When there are unnecessary fixtures and fittings, you can choose to tear these down and remove them all, giving you the chance to redo the space in a way that suits.

Saving Money

Remodeling the bathroom can be costly, but with an eco-friendly and cost-efficient bathroom, you can ensure that you choose equipment and materials that allow you to even save more money, too. Not only can you save money on your materials and bathroom fixtures, you can save energy, too.

Going Eco-Friendly

Replacing your equipment and ensuring that you are buying into better quality is a must, and when you choose to remodel the bathroom, you can save money and energy. Changing the light bulbs to LED options can immediately save on energy and choosing better made materials can do the same.

For The Aesthetics

Who doesn't want to have a beautiful bathroom? One of the reasons the bathrooms get remodeled is because people want them to look good. They want a new environment, new countertops, new materials. They want to redo the bathroom as a whole - and aesthetics plays a very big part. A bathroom that has been well-designed gives a different feel and instead of wanting to get out of the bathroom, you want to spend time here! You can choose to turn your bathroom into the peaceful oasis that you’ve been looking for, with subtle textures and calmer, lighter colors.

Adding More Storage

A great reason to change up the bathroom is to install more storage for everything that you need in there. A bathroom that is poorly designed is going to end up cluttered and covered in your stuff. This makes it look like a messy and unkempt place - which can be easily avoided. With the right bathroom remodel, you can ensure that you have space-saving storage and these can be effective for everything. You can better store towels, cleaning equipment and other toiletries when you add smart storage space, and you will end up with much less clutter lying around, too.

Fixing Damage

Whether it’s mold or cracks in the tub, chipped countertops or cracked seals, you can use a bathroom remodel to fix damages in your bathroom that you might have overlooked for some time. When you ignore the smaller issues, they very quickly become bigger ones. You could end up with flooding in the bathroom growing mold on the walls and plumbing issues that can make an already costly bathroom remodel more expensive in the end. During the remodel, you can ensure that you hire the right professionals who will be interested in fixing your issues as you go.

Is Bathroom Remodeling Worth It?

Given the reasons that we have just listed, it’s safe to say that a bathroom remodel is absolutely worth it. From making the space look better to adding value, you are going to do something that is beneficial for your home. With the right professionals and the right materials, you can make this space a beautiful one that holds value.

It’s a big decision as your time, effort and money will be pushed into the remodel. The good news is that with help from The Onyx Collection, you can find the bathroom that meets your needs. You can end up with a functional, beautiful bathroom that meets your needs for years. The Onyx Collection is going to be the answer that you are looking for.

What Is The Onyx Collection?

The Onyx Collection was founded in 1985, which should be your first clue that you are in the right place. A business with an established and respected history is one that you should be looking into for your bathroom remodel. They are a leading manufacturer of solid surface bathroom products, and they offer solutions that have been developed for thirty years. You can then get the best materials and bathroom options that make your bathroom remodel the most efficient it could be.

Below, we’ve put together ten solid reasons that you should replace the outdated bathroom you’ve got with the high end products on offer from The Onyx Collection. Once you know all about The Onyx Collection, we’re confident you’ll be talking to them about your new bathroom remodel in no time at all.

1 - High Quality Construction

If there is one thing that you should know about the materials on offer with The Onyx Collection, it’s that they are better than the surfaces that other companies use. As you may already know, not all solid surfaces are created equal. The biggest difference is that The Onyx Collection uses different ingredients compared to other manufacturers.

The main ingredient in the solid surfaces created by The Onyx Collection is alumina trihydrate. This is a material that’s also used in automobile plastic and in roofing materials and it’s used because of its durability. The other ingredient that’s used in the materials is a polymer resin that is formaldehyde-free. It’s designed for flexibility and it looks good in its finish. The end result? You get a solid surface product that’s cast in a cultured marble mold, which gives you a stone-like feel and look, perfect for the bathroom remodel you’ve been looking for.

2 - Product Selection

The Onyx Collection is very proud to be able to offer both standard and custom options across the entire product line, giving consumers the chance to choose from a huge range of styles and solutions. Your bathroom should be curated to how you want it to look and feel, and with the chance to choose from over 70 standard shower base pans, wall panels and shower doors, you get almost infinite custom choices. You get to choose from hundreds of styles and sizes for lavatory sink vanity tops, too.

If you are looking for new tub surrounds, The Onyx Collection can offer you new choices including trim, decks and accessories. Each new option comes in a range of textures and colors, and you can benefit from the choice between matte and gloss, too. The range of products on offer makes The Onyx Collection one of the biggest collections to choose everything you need for your bathroom remodel. The sheer volume of choices means that you get your bathroom customized exactly how you want it to be. This allows that one of a kind bathroom vision you’ve been holding onto to come to life!

3 - Forever Warranty

You need to know that The Onyx Collection offers customers a forever warranty for all customers. Products from this collection are built to last and they are guaranteed for life for that reason. If the product you buy from The Onyx Collection fails, the manufacturer will replace it for free, or they will refund the cost. The Onyx Collection is the company that will ensure that you have the total peace of mind that your bathroom is going to be able to stand the test of time. The shower, the tub surround, the bathroom products and the lavatory will last for some time, and the warranty lasts no matter what.

4 - No Grout Required

If you’re looking to add aesthetics to your bathroom remodel, The Onyx Collection is going to be one of the best manufacturers to choose. Given that the bathroom products are solid surfaces, there is no need for grout lines, which gives you a cleaner, sleeker look in your bathroom. The textured molds can create an appearance of tiles, but the products themselves offer a more attractive look. They’re also far more sanitary because of the lack of grouting, and your bathroom offers less cleaning and scrubbing as a result. Not only will you have a beautiful, solid surface to work with for your bathroom, you will be able to keep it clean.

5 - Low Maintenance

Speaking of being easy to clean, the solid surfaces on offer with The Onyx Collection are some of the easiest to clean and the most low maintenance. You can safely clean the solid surfaces with non-abrasive household cleaners. That means that there is no need to spend money on cleaners that are expensive and you can bet they will come up beautifully every time. You should also use a protective polishing product every time you clean it. Something as efficient as white vinegar and water also works for these solid surfaces, breaking down any deposits over time.

6 - Continuity of Design

We talked about the lack of grouting creating cleaner, smoother lines, and the fact that continuity of design is important means that you should choose The Onyx Collection. The right finishing touches really can bring together the entire remodel. Think beautifully sleek baseboards and crown molding that stands out. When you add towel bars and toilet paper holders that match, with robe hooks and other matching accessories, you can create the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of. It’ll all be down to the continuity of design that you get with The Onyx Collection. You want that harmonious appearance in your bathroom, and you can get it floor to ceiling with the help of the products on offer.

7 - Easy Accessibility

If there is one thing that The Onyx Collection is proud of, it’s the ability to provide accessibility products. You might want to remain in your home for the rest of your life, which means that there is every chance that you will need accessibility products. With the help of The Onyx Collection, you can equip your bathroom with the right grab bars, shower seats and slip-resistant base pans to ensure your health and help as you get older. You want your bathroom to feature things that keep you safe and maintain accessibility, and the curbless showers are one of the things that you can add to the bathroom to help you to age in place safely.

Remodeling your bathroom to suit you as you age is important. No one wants to have to move from their home to another one just because they are aging and need a new shower! Instead, a remodel can be the cheaper alternative, allowing you to move on in life with the bathroom that fits you for life.

8 - Fast Delivery

One of the best things about working with The Onyx Collection is that you can take an extensive inventory of the standard bathroom products and make a change really quickly. The delivery times with The Onyx Collection is faster than most manufacturers, though of course the lead times on the custom products can be a little longer. If you know that you are going to be able to bring your bathroom vision to life sooner, you will find that you are more inclined to choose from the Onyx Collection above any other supplier. Choose the materials that will help you to be efficient in your bathroom project, and you can get it installed and running faster than you thought possible.

Although Covid has put a hard hit with lead times with every manufacturer, but once things get back to normal Onyx usually has a turn around of 4-5 weeks.  Their current lead time due to the pandemic is 12-13 weeks.

9 - Easy To Install

You don't have to install individual tiles with The Onyx Collection. The solid surface bathroom products are installed more efficiently than you could imagine. Your renovation could be completed in a couple of days and it’s all because of the surfaces and fixtures being very easy to install when you choose The Onyx Collection. There’s no need to install tiles individually and wait to grout them all, and there’s no need to slow down on your installation. Your bathroom remodel is going to go off without a hitch if you have the best material and solid surfaces being installed. You will easily be able to time your installation, too, to allow the full project to be completed!

10 - Amazing Customer Service

If you want to work with a company to bring your bathroom remodel to life, The Onyx Collection is going to be the right company to work with. When you have concerns about your products from The Onyx Collection, all you have to do is call up and talk to the manufacturer or the installer. For your remodel to be easy, you need to know you have stellar customer service to back your project from the beginning. With the best materials, your bathroom is going to develop very quickly into the project you’ve always had a vision for.

The Takeaway

The Onyx Collection is going to be the bathroom design expert you never knew you needed! Bathroom remodeling gives you a chance to redesign the space, but it also gives you a chance to add value, make the space comfortable and turn your bathroom space into the dream space you’ve always wanted to have. You can install energy efficient equipment, add better lighting, change up the aesthetics and make the bathroom stand out. If you want to add value to your home, you’re going to be able to do it when you take a look at The Onyx Collection.

If you want faultless design, The Onyx Collection offers you that. From the trims and accessories to the color selections and wall panels, you can bring your dream to life. Bathroom remodeling may seem like a costly thing to do, but when The Onyx Collection comes with a lifetime guarantee, you can’t afford to miss out on the investment of the bathroom. You can choose between gloss or matte finishes and you can make sure that your bathroom has space-saving cabinet designs and better equipment. You want your bathroom to be more comfortable, and it starts with the materials that you use to design it all.

When you work with the right professionals, you can create a bathroom that looks fantastic. You can also ensure that you have the right equipment and materials that are easy to clean, easy to maintain and match the colors and materials you want. Now that you know that there are ten compelling reasons to choose The Onyx Collection, it’s time to start planning the bathroom remodel you’ve wanted for years!

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