10 Things We All Love About The Onyx Collection

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Discover the top 10 reasons to love the Onyx Collection from EZ Bath, featuring versatility, elegance, and the latest bathroom design trends.

Any kind of home renovation can seem like a really daunting process. However, if you’ve decided to remodel your bathroom, it can seem even more daunting. A bathroom is a difficult space, as it needs to be both functional and serene, and many people like a sense of luxury in their bathroom. There are a lot of decisions to make along the way when you remodel a bathroom, and of course, it’s an essential part of the home. No wonder remodeling the bathroom can seem stressful.

Despite this, the bathroom is often high on the list of rooms that homeowners dream of remodeling. An outdated bathroom can really impact the value of your home, and make you feel stressed rather than relaxed when you’re using it. If you can make the right choices, a bathroom renovation doesn’t have to be daunting, and can instead, you can have the modern, luxe, relaxing bathroom of your dreams. This is where the Onyx collection comes in.

What Is Onyx?

Onyx is a solid surface-based product that has been specifically designed to be used in the bathroom area. The product is similar to Corian, except Oynx has a patented blend that allows it to stand up brilliantly against hard water in areas where this can often be a problem for bathroom surfaces. Onyx can be used as a shower pan, shower wall surround, or vanity top.

The Onyx collection is a range of shower bases, shower pans, tub-to-shower conversions, lavatories, tub surrounds, fireplace hearths, slabs, seats, trims, and other shower accessories. The collection is available through dealers across the United States.

One of the most popular Onyx products is the shower base. This shower base is used by many bathroom fitters and for very good. Each Onyx shower base is heavier than average, weighing around 100lbs or more, depending on the size. This makes the base very sturdy, so it would creak around the drain area of the shower, like many other shower trays do. It’s also unlike any other shower tray on the market, as this one comes with a Forever warranty. No matter how long you’ve had it, if it fails, you can have it replaced free of charge, or fully refunded.

Here are the 10 best reasons to love this collection.

  1. It can be tailored to exactly what you want, for any bathroom. One of the big advantages of the Onyx Collection is the sheer range of options. Whether you need shower accessories or a brand new tub, the range is manufactured to your specifications and can be made in almost any size, shape, and color for you and your remodeled bathroom needs. This makes it very easy to blend a small part of the collection into your existing bathroom if you only have the budget to make a small change, or you can completely gut your bathroom and have the whole thing redone in this collection, so everything matches perfectly.
  2. It can be made very accessible. If you have small children or elderly parents living in the house or are getting older yourself, then accessibility is a big consideration to take into account when you remodel a bathroom. With the onyx collection, accessibility can be built right in. For example, when choosing your shower tray, there are options with low-profile and even ramped curbs to make stepping in and out very easy. Onyx also offer grab bars and shower seats, which will match your shower walls perfectly. This makes the shower easier to use for those with reduced mobility, without having to compromise on style or a beautiful finish.
  3. It’s elegant. With a wide range of finishes, it’s easy to create a bathroom that feels elegant, especially as the Onyx collection offers something for every corner of the bathroom to keep everything matching and looking good. You can easily add elegant details too, like a set of glamorous steps into the tub with an onyx tub deck. The sheer range of additional accessories means it’s very easy to design every element of your bathroom, making it very easy to keep everything matching, smart, and elegant.
  4. Every detail has been thought of. Some bathroom collections only cover the bathroom fittings themselves. This is not the case with the onyx collection. As well as your shower and other basics, the collection also includes a wide range of accessories so everything can be customized and matched together. The accessories collection includes trims, towel bars, mosaic tile details, splash guards, robe hooks, drains, shower curtain rails, and toilet paper holders. With this collection, every single detail has been thought of and can be chosen to perfectly match together and meet all of your bathroom needs.
  5. It’s easy to add storage. In most bathrooms, storage is at a premium. Storage is important, as most bathrooms aren’t large, but need to house things like towels, toiletries, spare toilet rolls, medicines, and other items. All that stuff can soon make your bathroom look messy and cluttered. With onyx, you can easily add in some storage space that will blend in with your bathroom. The onyx shower caddies come in a range of shapes and sizes, as well as a range of colors and finishes to make sure it matches perfectly with your shower walls for a chic finish.
  6. It’s easy to clean. Nobody wants a bathroom that’s difficult to keep sparkling clean. Luckily, with onyx, it’s easy to keep your bathroom looking as good as the day you had it installed. For a regular clean, use a cloth or a sponge with any non-abrasive household cleaner that you like. Most cleaners are suitable for use on an onyx product. After each cleaning, it’s a good idea to apply a protective and polishing product to keep it looking good and to make the surface even easier to clean next time. Just make sure you don’t use an abrasive product, and your bathroom will be easy to clean and keep looking gorgeous.
  7. It’s easy to install. Onyx is easy to install, so your renovation project doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming to do. Any bathroom fitter should be able t work with it, with minimal problems. It’s easy to trim pieces down to fit your room, as all Onyx material can easily be cut, notched, or trimmed with standard woodworking tools, to achieve the custom fit that you need. Woodcutting tools such as jigsaws and circular saws with a fine to medium tooth finish blade work best for cutting. A belt sander works great for minor modifications. On the website, you can also find lots of helpful instructional manuals, pictures, and videos with step-by-step guides to fit your onyx products, to make the process even easier.
  8. There are dealers all over the country. There are Onyx dealers across the United States, so if you decide it’s the right option for you, it’s easy to find and order. This is also very useful if you decide to make any modifications later on or need to make repairs or upgrades. With so many dealers, you can find the part you need, whether you need a replacement trim for your shower enclosure or you want an extra robe hook. Dealers can be found via the Onyx website.
  9. It’s up to date on design trends. Onyx keep a close eye on the latest design trends in bathrooms, and with such a wide range of choices of finishes and colors, you will find it very easy to choose something that is bang on-trend. If you need some inspiration, you can check out the trend reports to see what is currently the most popular option for the remodel you’re thinking about. Updates are often being made to the range, such as adding new heights of the shower tray, so you can be sure that whatever you choose is a modern, on-trend choice that will look good in your bathroom for years to come.
  10. Free samples are encouraged. Looking at shower wall panels or countertops online or in the store is a good place to start, but it can be hard to picture what everything will look like in your own bathroom. At onyx, you are encouraged to order as many free samples of the different colors as you need, so you can make a more informed choice. With a free sample, you can see how the colors will look in the light in your bathroom and how it will look against any fixtures or fittings that already have that you are planning to leave in place. Whether you want a gloss or a matte finish, there are lots of colors to choose between, and a free sample can really help you to effectively narrow down your choice.

These are just a few of the many good reasons that we love the Oynx collection, and that makes it a very good option for almost any bathroom. With so many options and a strong, beautiful finish, you can meet the requirements easily of a bathroom that is both serene and functional.

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