13 Up-and-Coming Trends On Shower Remodels

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Stay ahead of the curve with EZ Bath's insights into the latest and most promising trends in shower remodels.

Shower remodeling is a great way to modernize your bathroom and transform the area into an updated space that reflects your style. One of the most popular trends in shower remodeling is shower doors or enclosures that separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom. According to Home Remodeling reports, nearly half of all homes built before 1960 have no separation between their bathtub and toilet areas. Less than 20% have some form of barrier around their showers. These statistics make up today's modern home where homeowners want to ensure privacy as they bathe or shower. Because one-piece glass enclosures create a seamless flow between indoors and outdoors, this trend is gaining momentum across the US.

The bathroom is a room that people rarely put time and effort into remodeling, despite being an enriching experience. One of the essential parts of any bathroom is the shower. Most bathrooms have a shower/tub combo unit instead of an actual shower - but today, we are focusing on remodeling your showers for you and all its new trends.

Shower Upgrades

1) Glass Shower Doors

Glass doors come in many forms. More modern styles include frameless designs with hinge-less glass panels held by metal supports; vintage door models also come in various exciting shapes such as octagonal or diamond-shaped paneled glass doors. But now we see more complex glass doors, like the frameless glass shower designs.

Frameless With Hinges

Frameless shower doors offer a sleek, modern design that many homeowners choose to use today! As the name implies, frameless shower doors do by using hinges instead of metal support beams. The glass panels are held together in the middle.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors With Black Frames

Black accents are a great way to add some oomph and drama to any room. These frameless glass shower doors use black borders on the bottom and sides, allowing a modern appearance.

2) Seamless Enclosures

A new trend in shower enclosures is the seamless design. These are manufactured showers that don't have exposed seams, corners, or openings. They are exquisite and can blend into any bathroom decorating scheme. With a wide variety of colors and textures, these shower doors will definitely up your bathroom game.

3) Modern Frameless Shower Enclosures

The modern frameless style is sleek and simple - its clean lines give it a contemporary feel that can work with any decor. These shower enclosures are often made of tempered glass, safer and more robust than regular glass. It comes in many styles - from frameless designs to sliding doors.

4) Solid Surface Shower Walls

Solid Surface shower walls have clean lines that blend well with any decorating style, but they are exceptionally modern. These showers are often made with high end acrylic or PVC and come in various types, such as stone, marble and tile patterns.

5) Framed Shower Doors

Framed shower doors have a fixed or movable panel enclosed in rigid frames. These panels can be made from either glass or plexiglass. They usually feature metal support frames along the top and sides. The bottom edge supports a sliding door that provides access to the inside of the shower. There is a wide range of styles to choose from when it comes to framed showers, so you find something that you will love.

6) Semi-Frameless Shower Doors

The most significant difference between framed and semi-frameless showers is the top glass panel, which only covers part of the opening. This design leaves room for support on both sides, offering a modern appearance with minimal water leakage. The tempered glass in these showers does not have metal support beams. Instead, it utilizes sturdy hinges to hold panels together. There are many variations within this shower type as well. So you will be sure to love your new remodel if you choose a semi-frameless shower door.

7) Steam Showers/Shower Enclosures

Steam showers have become incredibly popular among those wanting a luxurious bathing experience. The steam is produced by a small boiler outside the shower, which releases a fine mist of vaporized water. This style has become hugely popular in European spas and specialty bath stores - you should look at how they are being used today.

8) Walk-In Showers

Walk-in showers are a fantastic way to create even more space for your bathroom remodeling project. These showers usually utilize a tiled platform that starts at the top edge of the shower and goes all the way around, with no entry threshold. The tile work is like a doorway - but one that has no walls or sides! This type of shower design is trendy in homes where space is limited (it will look great as well!), so be sure to consider how these new styles will fit into your home if you don't have very much room.

9) Shower Tubs Pairing

Tub-shower combos were once standard - but pairing a shower with a tub is still growing in popularity! This bathroom remodeling project allows for much more room in your home by combining two separate fixtures into one space. Plus, it saves on water usage - you'll do your part to help the environment.

10) Shower With Built-in Shelves

Here's another tremendous up-and-coming shower remodel trend: showers with built-in shelves! Many homeowners choose to install these showers for various reasons - some folks prefer not to use their bathtub anymore. This type of shower is perfect for those that want a bit of extra space within their walk-in shower. You will be able to store shampoo, conditioner, and various other toiletries within the shelf itself.

10) Low Ceiling Showers

Low ceiling showers are precisely what they sound like - showers that have a lower ceiling. The shower itself is usually built so that it can be deemed 'low profile.' At the same time, the wall and floor are a bit taller. This type of design ensures that you won't hit your head when entering or exiting the shower and gives the whole space more of an open feel.

11) Double Shower Sidewall with benches

Last but not least - we're going to talk about double shower side walls with benches! This type of design can be used for both corner and straight-across showers and gives homeowners plenty of extra room within their walk-in showers. It's also great because you'll never miss those post shampoo.

There are so many different shower doors available for homeowners to choose from, like those mentioned above! It can be challenging. An experienced company specializing in bathroom remodeling will usually help guide you through this process and ensure the best results.

12) Shower Head upgrade

Another current trend in remodeling is rain shower-heads. These heads are becoming increasingly popular because they mimic actual rainfall, creating an incredibly relaxing way to wash. They are also an excellent option for conserving water or updating their older showers without experiencing any major construction around the tub area. Newer models come equipped with multiple settings and operate either by Bluetooth technology or manual touch buttons across the head. For more options, you can even find ceiling-mounted rain shower-heads that come with all of the same features as handhelds but require no installation on the wall. Check out this article for bathroom ideas featuring these types of shower-heads.

13) Shower Floor upgrade

Have you considered updating the shower floor to create a more spa-like feel? Using tiles and stone materials on the bottom of your shower can really enhance its overall design. A great example is this gray tile that has been used in this bathroom remodel. Depending on your current tub, shower, or bathroom floors, you can achieve this look with the help of a professional contractor.

Add Value

As we stated earlier - shower remodels are becoming more and more popular for several different reasons. Whether simply updating the design or upgrading everything to increase your home's resale value, you're sure to find something that suits both your needs and budget. One thing remains true: you don't need anyone else's permission - go ahead and make the change!

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