A Bathroom Remodeling Near Me Success Story You'll Never Believe

A full bathroom remodel with wood style porcelain tiles, a freestanding bathtub and shower remodel
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Do you need a bathroom remodel? Then our team are here to help. Here are our top bathroom success stories.

Here at EZ Bath, we are very proud to say that we always work to not only meet client expectations but to also exceed them. We work day and night to ensure that we provide a top-quality service, and that is why so much of our work comes from recommendations. If you want to find out more about the projects we have worked on before, take a look below.

Shower Remodel In Montgomery, TX

We are very proud of the people who have served our country, and that is why we focus on giving back as much as possible. When we were contacted by a gentleman who needed a shower remodel in Montgomery, Texas, we knew we had to help. We worked with the VA to ensure that some of the cost for the remodel was covered. We installed a walk-in shower with easy to access controls, and a handrail. It was a pleasure working with James McCain and we were very pleased to hear that he was over the moon with the end result.

Tub to Shower Conversion in League City, TX

We have also completed a tub to shower conversion in League City. This was a bathroom remodel where we removed the tub, and then converted it into a shower. The couple praised the efforts of our team, including Paul, Mitch and Jeff. They were over the moon with the end result and couldn’t fault the installation or the friendly service provided by our team. We recommended an onyx low profile shower base, which was paired with a BCI acrylic wall. To brighten up the space, we installed a teak bench along with a custom shower head. We then installed a hand shower set up for accessibility. This happily married couple wanted ease and accessibility, and we are proud to say that we over-delivered. They were very happy with the result and would recommend us to anyone. We’d like to take this time to thank the lovely couple for their kind words.

Full Bathroom Remodel in Houston, TX

Mr. Mitchell contacted us when he saw we were working on a neighboring property. We sat down with Mr. Mitchell and discussed the options available, showing him the different colors, materials and samples that we had available. The happy customer praised our extensive knowledge and experience, and also thanked us for putting down runner mats to ensure that there wasn’t a trace of dust, dirt or debris after each working day. We are proud to say that we went above and beyond to ensure that the Mitchell’s requirements were met. The end installation consisted of solid surfaces, an onyx base remodel and new vanity tops. We also installed a new floor, along with various hardware upgrades. Many thanks to the Mitchells for their lovely feedback.

Full Bath Remodel in Houston, TX

Mr. Bissey came to us, enquiring about getting a full bathroom remodel done. He wanted something more modern without compromising the space of the room. We created a 3D model of the design that our team had worked hard on, ensuring that his requirements were met. This helped Mr. Bissey to see, what would be, the finished result while also allowing him to visualize the materials and hardware he wanted. In the remodel, we expanded the size of the shower, and we also added a custom bench. This was done with a new Delta Shower fixture. We fitted the alcove with a Grotte Signature Tub with a Delta free-standing filler. The cabinets were replaced with American-made cabinets by Bishop, with the vanity top being from our onyx collection, with matching Delta faucets. Porcelain wood-style flooring from Arizona Tile was then fitted, bringing the room and the vision that Mr. Bissey had, together. Many thanks to this kind gentleman for his lovely comments about our work, and our team.

Shower and Vanity Remodel in Spring, TX

When we first sat down with the Mocks, we spent two hours talking with them about the vision that they had for their bathroom and the style they wanted. Tim informed us that he would like to keep the existing flooring and talked with us about their budget. We were able to come up with a fantastic solution and Mr. Mock has since congratulated our team for their outstanding efforts. Mr. Mock was pleased to say that our prices were by far the best and that the quality of the workmanship was fantastic. We got the job done in 10 days and provided them with a 3D video that showed the Mocks what their bathroom would look like. We also provided a few additional extras too. We’d like to thank the Mocks for being such a pleasure to work with.

Full Bathroom Remodel in Houston, TX

We first met with Mr and Mrs Paines, sending our team member Mitch to sit down and talk with them about their requirements. They informed us that they wanted to completely overhaul their bathroom and we were very happy to oblige. Mr. Paine informed us that he was very knowledgeable about various types of lighting and that he wanted to create a unique and atmospheric look by choosing tiles that reflected and complemented the room. We created a 3D model, and although the Paines wanted to take out the closet to begin with, we were able to come up with a solution that not only utilized this extra space but also enhanced it. Mrs. Paine has said that it’s made all the difference in the world and that they can’t praise our efforts enough. Thanks to this great couple for their wonderful testimonial.

ADA Shower Remodel In Houston, TX

Larry is a disabled veteran and he has suffered from a few health problems in his time. He had a conversation with the ADA and they came to the conclusion that Larry needed an ADA shower remodel so that he could safely use the bathroom. Larry has said in his video testimonial that our team were friendly, professional, easy to talk to and punctual. Larry and his wife have said that the finished result ended up better than he thought it would. We removed the phone booth shower and then installed an enlarged shower that had a ramp, for wheelchair accessibility. Knowing that we have helped Larry and his wife to live a more comfortable life brings us a great sense of pride, and we cannot thank him enough for his kind comments regarding our work.

Tub To Shower Conversion in Katy, TX

When Mark first contacted us, he explained that his shower was leaking through to his closet and he wanted to see what could be done, while kicking things up a notch. He explained that he had already had a few providers round to discuss the job, but Mitch from our team helped to give him the vision he needed to choose us. Mark explained that he loved the subway tile and built-in sauna that we’d done for another client, and he also liked the onyx walls with the clay onyx base. We also converted his old shower into a sauna and doubled the size of the main shower. Mark said that the quotation process was pain-free and that he loved how we gave him a 3D rendering of the bathroom while also showing all of the options that were available. We were very pleased to hear that Mark was so happy with the end result, and we thoroughly enjoyed working on this project for him.

Solid Surface Shower Remodel in Texas

Marcus came to us and said that he’s a heavyweight, and therefore needed something durable. He also said that due to his size, he needed a shower that accommodated his height. The shower he had was too low, and this was causing him issues. Marcus worked with Angelo, one of our installers and he said that he was polite, funny and just a great guy to have around. Angelo showed him everything that was going to be done, from taking out the walls to putting up the new tiles and adding rails. By renovating the shower and increasing the height, we were able to give Marcus the experience he wanted while also getting the job done in under 2 days. Marcus mentioned that his daughter also wants a remodel, and that he would highly recommend our services to her, and anyone else who needs some work doing. Thank you, Marcus.

Shower and Tub Remodel in Texas

John and Cindy are two engineers, and they had several companies come in to talk to them about their remodel. They said that some companies were pushy, but our team weren’t. John and Cindy said that they liked the 3D drawing that we presented them as it gave them a good idea of what to expect so that they could visualize their future bathroom properly. We were able to modify the drawing right there with John and Cindy, giving them the confidence they needed to know that the job was going to get done to their standards. They praised our installer Angelo, who is a craftsman in five different areas, and said that he is exceptionally talented. John and Cindy opted for an onyx base for their shower, tiles for the walls with the Kerdi system and then a jetted top-mount tub. We installed quartz countertops and the happy couple could not thank us enough for our work. We are very proud to say that we got the job done in record time and that John and Cindy have already recommended us to a few members of their family. It’s been a pleasure working with this happy couple.

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