A Step-by-Step Guide to a Bathroom Remodel In Katy, TX

A full bathroom remodel with wood style porcelain tiles, a freestanding bathtub and shower remodel
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Follow EZ Bath's step-by-step guide for a successful bathroom remodel in Katy, TX, covering key stages from design to completion.

Katy, TX

The city of Katy is located in the Houston Metropolitan Area and has been ranked as one of the best places to live in America by Money Magazine.  -Katy was created when oil tycoon William Robert "Bobby" Gray built his mansion on a large parcel of land and called it “Kathy’s Court” after his daughter Kathy.

The building codes in Katy, TX can be found on the city's website at http://katytx.gov/government.html

They have a thorough list of specifications that need to be met for new construction, renovations, and other issues related to buildings in the area.

Start With The Bathtub and Shower Area

If your bathroom has a bathtub, does it have the space to place a shower next to it? If not, you'll need to gut and redo your bathroom. This may involve reconfiguring plumbing and moving walls around in order to open up or create more space for a bathroom.

If your bathroom has a shower, you may want to consider replacing the existing shower or tub with one that meets ADA regulations. Make sure you take measurements of the height and width when selecting new fixtures so they will fit properly in your bathroom space.

A bathroom remodel can be a great opportunity to make your bathroom look like it belongs in the 21st century. The first step is to know what you want and why you're doing this project. There are so many reasons people might need or want to do a bathroom renovation, some of them include:

  • It's outdated
  • The shower or bathtub is hard to access and is dangerous to get in and out of
  • You have mold and mildew in your existing shower or bathtub
  • You've just moved into a new home with an old bathroom
  • Your plumbing isn't working properly anymore

What Style Bathroom Do You Want To Create? (modern, minimalist)

What bathroom style do you have in mind? If it's modern, then go for the contemporary bathroom design. This bathroom design is minimalistic with clean lines and straightforward shapes. You can achieve this look by using a lot of bright white tiles on the floor and around your sink area as well as utilizing glass to create an open feel. For more traditional bathrooms, opt for a classic Victorian bathroom layout that includes plenty of ornate details like crown molding or elaborate trim work.

Achieving both desired styles will require some careful planning on your part so take time to map out what exactly you want before making any decisions about materials or layouts.

How Do You Want Your Bathroom To Function?

What do you use your bathroom for?  

How many people will be using the bathroom at one time?

What are some of your bathroom's goals? Do you want it to function as purely a bathing space or is there another purpose, such as a spa in addition to being used for bathing and grooming purposes. Determine what these needs are before purchasing any materials. You may also find that certain aspects of this bathroom remodel project require special materials, like ceramic tiles instead of laminate you're installing new tile floors.  

Choosing the Right Bathroom Remodeler

The bathroom remodeler you choose can have a big effect on how the bathroom project turns out. It’s important to hire someone who is skilled and reliable, so your bathroom will be perfect when it’s done. Here are some tips for choosing the right bathroom contractor:

  • Be sure that they have experience in what you want them to do - if not, get estimates from other contractors with more expertise in that area.
  • Ask about their past projects, both completed and unfinished; anything sketchy should raise red flags.
  • Check reviews online before making an appointment or signing any contracts (and read as many as possible). If there are no reviews available, ask friends or neighbors for recommendations instead of taking a risk.
  • Request that they provide references to see if others have been satisfied with their work in the past; make sure you call them before making your final decision.

This is an important part of bathroom remodeling because it will affect how quickly and smoothly the project goes, as well as its overall quality. Take care when selecting who’s going to do this for you!

Decorate Your Newly Finished Bathroom

Decorating your bathroom can be an exciting time, especially if you have a new bathroom to work with. Here are some tips that may help:

  • Choose a theme for the bathroom and stick to it - this is easier said than done but will make decorating much more enjoyable in the long run. Try not to stray from your chosen theme too often because everything should complement each other nicely as well as feel cohesive.
  • Consider adding some plants - they will add life to your bathroom as well as creating an air of serenity that you may not have had before. You can find indoor varieties for your bathroom, but remember that plants need water.

Lastly, don't forget to take before pictures so you can remember what it used to look like compared to what your finished product will be. You will be shocked of how rewarding it will be.

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