Ask Me Anything: 10 Answers to Your Questions About Schluter Tile System

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If you’ve been looking to make changes to your home, particularly in regards to your bathroom, then having the right foundations for a renovation project is crucial. It’s not just about the new features you install like the stand-alone bathtub or new mirrors fitted with LED lights. It’s good to focus on what’s underneath the surface of the tiles.

That’s where Schluter®-KERDI comes in. Schluter®-KERDI should be a staple in every bathroom where wet areas are found. That’s the tiles around your showers and bathtubs and wherever else applicable.

There are many questions that we get asked about the Schluter Tile System. We’ve put together ten answers to the questions below, some of which are often asked frequently.

About Schluter Systems

Schluter Systems can be traced back to its earlier days by Werner Schlüter who at the age of 12, decided that a career in tile setting was to be his direction. Fast forward to 1975 and the first of Schluter products and systems called Schluter-SCHIENE was born.

With over forty product lines in total that are promoted in countries around the world, they provide a practical solution to the demands of installation within the home and in many businesses.

It’s a long-standing company in the industry and one that has created some innovative and influential products and systems for modern-day use. With that being said, let’s get into the ten answers to your questions about Schluter Tile System.

What is Schluter®-KERDI?

Schluter®-KERDI is a pliable sheet-applied membrane. What makes it a particular advantage is that it’s completely waterproof and vapour-retardent. It’s been designed specifically for the direct application of tile.

This is mostly found in residential steam showers, the surrounding areas of the bathtub, as well as other tile applications in wet areas. The sheet-applied polyethene waterproofing membrane and vapor retarder mean that the material is well protected from water.

Its added benefit is that by being made this way, it means no water is going to seep into the materials of the walls or floor. That means less structural damage to your home. Structural damage, after all, can certainly be a more costly expense if you’re not careful.

Preventing water damage is important because if you allow it to impact your wall and floor’s integrity, then chances are you could see a lot of problems with mold and mildew as a result too. Mold and mildew can be a hassle to get rid of, as well as it being something of a health hazard if not resolved quickly.        

What is Schluter®-KERDI made of?

Schluter®-KERDI is certainly one of the best when it comes to protective materials for your wet areas. The membrane features a modified polyethene (PEVA) core and also has a non-woven polypropylene on both sides.

With anchoring fleece on both sides to help secure the membrane within the thin-set mortar, you can guarantee that this won’t be shifting once it’s set in place ready for the tiles.

The Schluter®-KERDI is 8-mil-thick and has a uniform thickness for easy application of the tiling on top. No uneven surfaces and every tile will sit flush when placed onto this membrane material. There’s nothing worse than having a less than satisfactory result when revamping a space, so this product will make your or your handyman’s life easier when it comes to installation.

The 2-meter wide roll covers a wall area from the floor to a standard shower head height. This means you get fewer seams and faster installation, which is a great bonus.

What other types of waterproofing are available in this range?

When it comes to the layout out of the space and all of its features, it’s important to have a product or products that can adapt to the surroundings.

Whilst the 2-meter wide roll is great for the easy areas of your bathroom space, there may be some challenging bits that require some of our other products. Here are some of the other options when it comes to waterproofing materials.


This one is a waterproofing strip for use above movement joints. A fantastic piece of material that can adjust to those areas that have larger movement and are therefore more flexible, wherever you put it.


For waterproofing that’s needed where curbless shower applications are preferenced, this is great for helping waterproof the corners. It’s highly useful for this connecting parts of the wall, shower base and floor where applicable.


Where piping is protruding, the Schluter®-KERDI-KM is a perfect solution to provide that pre-cut seal that you require. It saves the hassle of you doing it yourself and potentially making it less of a seamless finish.


Corners are a prime part of a wet area that can likely be most susceptible to water damage. With that being said, other products in our line won’t cater the same way that this product would. This helps through performed waterproofing corners, making sure every inch of the bathroom wet area is protected.

There is a great selection of products that we offer and that are worth taking a look at both in this waterproofing range and elsewhere on our site.

Can the Schluter®-KERDI work with any type of tile?

Whilst glass tiles can prove more challenging, Schulter Systems have perfected a material that can work for pretty much all tiles that you’ll find on the market nowadays. It’s important that when it comes to investing in products and systems like ours, that you’re not compromising on your requirements and needs.

The Schluter®-KERDI is one that will adapt to most and provides a great solution for any wet areas that need a waterproofing solution. For many of our customers, it’s important that you never have to settle for anything less than perfect. With our waterproofing products, you can have the tiles you want but with the best protection for your wet spaces.

Before you pick a tile though, it’s worth double-checking with us to ensure that you should have no problems that are out of the ordinary.

How long do I have to wait before I can install the tiles?

For most installations of tiles on top of the waterproofing membranes, it can be installed straight away. This is one of the many benefits that come with using this type of protective cover underneath the tiles. It’s easy to install and quick to speed up your renovation process.

The only exceptions are where there are curved wall areas and non-bearing partition wall systems. For show applications, it may be useful to do a water test before applying the tile. For all of our products for waterproofing, we guarantee the very best but when installing them, things can go wrong.

It’s always good to check your’s or your handyman’s handiwork to ensure that they’ve aligned the materials properly. An evaluation may be needed once you’ve done a water test and left it for 24 hours.

Waterproof performance is obviously very important, so it’s worth taking a look at the result first before you go placing over any tile. The last thing you want is to have spent the money on these materials, done all the work to set the tiles on top and then find later on that water has seeped through and damage has been caused.

Can it be used with other waterproofing solutions?

Yes, many of our products are often used as one part of the solution to renovating and updating a space. However, it’s important to be aware of any products with solvents in them as this can be a problem for the effectiveness of our materials.

Its dissolving properties are one that could cause the waterproofing membrane to not adhere to the walls or flooring where you put the material. Just like any and all products you use for a residential project, it’s always good to check what problems you are likely to encounter when using them closely together.

Our waterproofing solutions are very versatile for the most part and can be used with other materials on the market. Having adaptability is important when it comes to finding the best products to work with when taking on a home project.

If you have any concerns or further questions about what can’t be used with our products, then it’s worth getting in touch so that we can help answer those queries!

Can I use Schlüter®-KERDI for uncoupling?

Uncoupling is a process whereby plastic sheets create an airspace through a geometric pattern. This sits between the tile assembly and the subfloor. Unfortunately, when it comes to our product, you can’t use it for uncoupling. The Schlüter®-KERDI serves as a waterproofing layer and doesn’t ensure uncoupling that’s sufficient enough for the tile covering from the substrate.

There are other products that we offer though, that will cater to uncoupling when it comes to waterproofing. This product is Schlüter®-DITRA 25 and is worth a look at if you’re looking for this option when updating your space.

For more information on uncoupling, it’s a good idea to speak to one of our team for further advice.

How much does this waterproofing membrane cost?

The waterproofing membrane is available in a lot of different sizes and cuts. The cost of the products will depend on how much you are needing to cover and what products you’ll be using within your wet areas.

Does the Schlüter®-KERDI last a lifetime?

For many of our products, sustainability is key and we ensure that all of the materials that we use are built to provide the waterproofing you need for a long time. With our products, you can expect for them to last for upwards of fifty years. Of course, within that time you might have done something different to the space that means you remove the material or you’ve up and gone to your next property.

When you invest in our products, you get a great return on your investment. It’s one of the reasons why so many of our customers come back to us again and again for all their building and renovating projects.

If you’re looking for long-lasting products, then ours are by far one of the best that you’ll find on the market.

What maintenance is required for these products?

When it comes to maintenance on these products, in particular, you’ll usually get a special cleaning brush that will provide easy, periodic cleaning of the odour trap and the channel body. This is easy to use and something that we can provide extra information on if needed. It’s always best to get the instructions when maintaining the membrane material and the tiles that you place around and on top of it.

One of the major benefits of our products is that they’re very much easy to maintain and that they shouldn’t really require much from you in the way of maintenance. If anything, it’s the same sort of attention that you’d spend when it comes to anything in your hope that requires upkeep of any kind.

Use Schluter Tile System for your bathroom renovations

When it comes to getting the best result for your updates or renovation projects, the Schluter Tile System is one that continues to impress all those that invest in it. It’s important that you take a good look at what we offer so that you can find the best products for your needs and that can provide long-lasting results and return on the money you spend!

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