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Bathroom Remodel Estimates: What No One Is Talking About

People don’t generally look to make their bathroom remodel as cheap as possible. Indeed, you shouldn’t -- if it’s too cheap, then it probably won’t be the best quality. However, regardless of the cost, people always want to know that they’re getting value for money. Alas, that’s not always the case. In many cases, you’ll understand this just from the estimate. That’s ideal because you can say no.

However, what if you realize that you’re not getting value for money after the project is underway. This sounds unlikely, but it’s actually more common than you might realize.

Change Orders

It all happens because of ‘change orders.’ This is a tactic that some bathroom remodel companies use in order to get their customers to pay more. Basically, it means that while they give one estimate for the job, the price changes during the middle of the work. They’ll say that the costs have gone up, that the material they were going to use is no longer available (and only a more expensive option is now available). It doesn’t matter what they say -- the result is that you pay more for the work, and never less.

How to Avoid

There are whole books written on how to use change orders to rip off customers. The best remedy is to work with a company that hates this practice. Here at EZ Bathroom Remodel, we believe this practice is extremely wrong, and so we never do it. You’ll pay what we originally agreed upon.

Written by
Mitchell Clay

Proud father and husband. A big comic book nerd and sweets are my kryptonite. I fell in love with the remodeling industry in 2008 and it's held a tight grip on me ever since.

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