BCI Acrylic: A Simple Definition

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Understand the benefits of BCI Acrylic in bathroom remodeling with EZ Bath. Explore its durability, aesthetics, and customization options.

No one should undertake a bathroom remodel without detailed research. As your bathroom is one of the most regularly used areas of your home, quality and comfort are essential, so it’s a decision that should never be taken lightly.

This will require you to read through a variety of companies and services that offer supposedly exceptional bathroom remodeling. One name you are likely to see often is BCI Acrylic. But, if you’ve never heard of this business before, you may want to know more.

Knowing as much as possible about any remodeling company ensures you make the right decision for your home or business project. We’re happy to offer a detailed overview of what you can expect from BCI Acrylic to help you make the right choice.

What Is BCI Acrylic?

Founded in 1999, BCI Acrylic launched with the intention of providing better bath products for consumers and commercial vendors alike. While there were some examples of quality products, these were often unaffordable, pricing out the everyday customer, meaning they needed to rely on basic products that were not up to scratch.

The result was a better model for what customers and dealers should expect from a bathroom company. Focusing on Acrylic, rather than ceramic or other materials that were common, BCI Acrylic found a way to revolutionize the industry and provide an affordable solution for any type of bathroom upgrade.

The reputation for quality products spread throughout the country. Throughout the years, BCI Acrylic established itself as one of the leading independent manufacturers of acrylic for bathroom renovations, including everyday bathroom essentials and accessories, and all for an affordable, competitive price.

If you are an individual or business looking for the perfect (and affordable) bathroom remodeling company, BCI Acrylic could be the answer. They offer high-quality results with durable materials that demonstrate exceptional value.

What Products and Services Do They Offer?

Some bathroom installations require multiple companies to get the job done. However, BCI Acrylic has recognized that versatility is the best approach for ensuring satisfied customers and clients. Offering a broad range of products and services, you can rely on BCI Acrylic to help you cover your entire bathroom remodel, whether you need something short and sweet, or more substantial projects that will demand more work.

Bath and Shower

Whether it’s luxury and relaxation, rest and recovery, or just a quick soak in the tub, customers expect something that makes it easy to keep clean and stay refreshed. BCI Acrylic offers something that was not readily available back in 1999 and is even challenging to find in the modern world. Its bathtub installation is a durable product that is perfect for any home. The low-maintenance design makes it easy to keep in top condition, while the stylish design means it will fit comfortably in any room. Customers can customize as they need and will find installation actress-free and simple.

If you’re trying to focus more on sustainability, or simply don’t have the time for a bath every morning BCI Showers offers a useful and attractive alternative. This cost-effective and saving method is ideal for homes and businesses alike, and the BCI experts can accommodate any design and space with ease.

Just like its baths, the BCI Acrylic showers are durable. They will not fade, chip, or stain, ensuring long-lasting quality and style for any space. This guarantees an exceptional design that is bound to impress you, visitors, and customers or clients.

Accessible Models

BCI Acrylic prides itself on covering a wide range of needs for all types of customers and clients. The Walk-In Tubs are a key feature of its accessibility-based range, as they allow elderly or disabled users to bathe and remain safe at the same time.

This design boosts independence, meaning customers do not need to rely on family members or careers to maintain everyday hygiene, or merely take a bath for some much-needed relaxation. Unlike other brands, BCI Acrylic recognizes the need for affordability that some users may not be able to find. Rather than price them out of a walk-in tub, BCI Acrylic offers something that will suit all budgets to guarantee exceptional results for the bathroom remodel.

Whether it’s pain relief, improving your health, or you are looking for the same kind of relaxation you’ll find at the spa, BCI Acrylic endeavors to provide easily accessible styles for all abilities. The tubs include doors to make it easy to get in and out, as well as seats molded into the tub that eliminates the chances of slips and falls that could cause an injury.


The bathroom is much more than a place to bathe and cleanse. A truly functional and versatile bathroom should also include a myriad of accessories that complete the room and make it somewhere you can relax and pamper yourself.

Whether you need a quick shower before work or want to wind down before going to bed, the BCI Acrylic bathroom accessory range includes everything you could want - and more.

Just like its bathtub and shower installations, BCI Acrylic puts a strong emphasis on durable and stylish accessories that include everything from Grab Bars (enhancing safety and stability) to safety seats, while shower caddies also make your bathroom experience more convenient.

To top it all off, BCI Acrylic also provides everyday essentials, including sleek Faucets and Shower Heads. For all of your grooming needs, Shaving Stands can keep your razor in excellent condition, while the Soap Dish is a vital part of any bathroom design.

Plumbing, Fixtures, Hardware

You cannot enjoy your bathroom remodel without the essential features behind the scenes, and BCI Acrylic works with a range of brands to provide reliable water flow, heating, and style to your new bathroom.

As the final piece of the puzzle, the hardware installation allows your bathroom to reach its zenith. It adds the finishing touches to the space and transforms the remodel from a work in progress to something that you - and the BCI Installation team - can be proud of.

To ensure exceptional quality, all the fixtures, plumbing, and hardware are IAPMO/ANSI-approved. They are available in different finishes to match customer preferences and maintain a sense of continuous quality throughout your home. Whether you’re after sophisticated Polished Chrome or rustic Brushed Nickel, BCI Acrylic has something for you. Other finishes include strong Matte Black for a contemporary appeal, whereas the Oil Rubbed Bronze and Brushed Gold finishes are other possibilities to consider.

Hardware options include Shower Head and Mixer Valve, Rain Shower Head, and even a BluTünes Shower Head & Speaker option to help you get pumped up for the day ahead.

Bathroom Designs

Everybody knows that the colors and patterns of any room can make or break the atmosphere, which is why BCI Acrylic offers a variety of design options to help customers achieve their dream bathroom design.

From bathtub colors to wall surrounds, and even liners, customers are in complete control of the final bathroom design. You can opt for calming colors that promote relaxation and complement one another or choose a mix-and-match approach that shows off your personality as soon as anyone steps into the bathroom.

No matter which product or service you require, BCI Acrylic assures exceptional quality and durability that will keep your bathroom in fantastic condition for as long as you need. These contemporary materials are ideal for the modern bathroom, and can easily add an element of class to any bathroom whether for residential or commercial installations.

Who Can Benefit From Their Services?

Every building needs a bathroom. Whether it’s your family home, business, or hospitality venue, offering a place for relatives, employees, and customers or clients alike to cleanse themselves will immediately propel you into the upper echelon of supreme quality. So why can benefit from the BCI Acrylic service? The answer is everybody, of course.


From smaller homes or apartments to large family homes, there may come the point where your residential property requires a facelift. Whether it’s to modernize the home or accommodate evolving needs, such as a growing family or accessibility requirements, BCI Acrylic will vastly benefit any home.

BCI Acrylic offers all the tools to upgrade your existing bathroom and remodel it into something comfortable and functional. What’s more, this upgrade could boost your property’s value, which is something to consider if you have plans to upsize (or downsize) within the next few years.  

No matter which installation you choose, you can feel confident that BCI Acrylic provides durable materials that maintain the high quality you expect from your home.


Commercial properties will also benefit from BCI Acrylic. The most common place where BCI Acrylic products can boost your style and reputation in the hospitality industry.

Guests from all walks of life, whether traveling for business or pleasure, require a stylish, comfortable, and functional bathroom to help them prepare for meetings or sightseeing. Because of this, your hospitality business must offer superb facilities. This will apply to new hotels as much as hotels wanting to upgrade to improve clientele and increase their rating.

It isn’t solely hospitality businesses that can benefit, though. Having an on-site bathroom for employees allows them to refresh after a morning gym session before work and ensure they feel ready for their daily projects.

Why Choose BCI Acrylic?

Superior Products

BCI Acrylic prides itself on providing a substantial range of high-quality products that overshadow other products across the bathroom remodeling industry. These products are guaranteed to last a lifetime, and will neither saint nor fade, keeping your bathroom in excellent condition whether you live alone, with a family, or have multiple people using it each week in a hospitality setting.

While other companies specialize in a single type of remodeling project, BCI acrylic knows it has the wealth of knowledge and experience to cover a variety of requirements while still maintaining exceptional quality and delivering desirable results. Combine this with the style and range, and you can easily see why BCI Acrylic products are considered superior within the market.


No remodeling project comes cheaply, at least if you want it done right the first time. However, BCI Acrylic saw how many companies were charging exorbitant prices for bathroom remodels that did not live up to expectations.

With BCI Acrylic, this is entirely different. The affordable range of products means you can enjoy a bathroom remodel and installation that meets your high standards without the need to break the bank. As a bathtub material, acrylic is more affordable than traditional porcelain products, and this cuts off much of the cost without sacrificing the quality you expect from your bathtub.

Vast Range

Instead of focusing on one area, BCI Acrylic covers every step of your bathroom remodeling journey. This means customers receive consistent quality from start to finish without any miscommunication between different contractors.

As BCI Acrylic works with other brands for hardware and fixtures, customers know that these accessories will meet the exceptional standards expected by the BCI Acrylic team. The vast range includes multiple solutions for any type of remodeling needs, and the team is well-equipped to cover specialized requirements, such as improving accessibility or making the most of your existing space.

Exceptional Customer Service

The reviews speak for themselves, and BCI Acrylic provides exceptional customer service and support before, during, and after your bathroom installation. The team can answer any questions you might have regarding your installation and are happy to assist you when trying to work out what design is best for your situation.

As for dealers, BCI Acrylic offers spectacular training programs that fill dealerships with the confidence they need to pass on vital information to their clients. This confidence makes it easier for clients to make the right decision and know precisely what they are getting from their bathroom remodel.


Hygiene is a vital element of a comfortable bathroom. The acrylic used by the BCI team ensures a germ-free surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Due to the amount of moisture generated within a bathroom, customers must have materials that keep the air clean and safe.

The quality materials also mean there are fewer risks of damage to the bathtub or other installations. This reduces the risk of property damage and keeps the entire home or business, rather than just the bathroom, in excellent condition.

Warranty Policy

Choosing a company that offers a strong and dependable warranty is also essential, especially when looking at bathroom remodels. As good as the installation process is, and as reliable as the materials might be, there is always a small risk of something not working how it should. This could put your bathroom and property in danger.

BCI Acrylic offers an exceptional warranty policy that gives customers the peace of mind they need to trust the process and ensure excellent aftercare. It offers impressive warranties for all acrylic bath products. This includes replacement bathtubs and showers, as well as bath lines and conversions to make your bathroom more accessible for differently-abled individuals and family members.

As long as you own your property, BCI Acrylic offers a lifetime warranty to ensure any problems are easily solved. Of course, the quality of materials minimizes the risk of something going wrong, but the warranty is there to cover your needs.

As for commercial venues, including student houses, care homes, and hospitality businesses, BCI Acrylic offers a five-year warranty. Doing so adheres to the strong core values that BCI Acrylic lives by and will exceed all customer expectations to deliver outstanding service across the board.

Customer Needs

BCI acrylic sets itself apart from other bathroom remodel companies by offering options for customers.

On the customer side, interested parties can design their bathroom from scratch using the website’s Build You Bath section. This gives customers the chance to find the perfect bathroom design for any space and scenario, allowing them to create a bathroom that is truly unique and meets their precise specifications and needs.

Consider BCI Acrylic Today

You must choose the right business when considering a remodeling project. Whether you need remodeling for your home or your business, such as hospitality, high-quality results and fantastic value should be significant priorities.

If you are considering BCI Acrylic for your next project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our offices to get a quote or call (281) 968-3000.

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