Benefits of a Walk In Tub

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What are the benefits of a walk-in tub? Check out our walk-in tub guide and book a free design consultation with EZ Bath to start your bathroom remodel.

A walk-in tub can bring many benefits to your home. They can be a vital asset for those with mobility issues, disabilities and those who want to enjoy a more comfortable life at home as they get older.

As a common type of bathroom remodel, a walk-in tub is simple to do, with plenty of choice to suit your bathroom’s existing style, or to complement a complete bathroom makeover.

Whether you’re looking for a walk-in tub for your home or for someone else, it’s good to find out everything you need to help you make the best decision.

Find out more about the benefits of a walk-in tub here.

A better choice for your health

Walk-in tubs have many benefits for your health. Not only can they help with mobility issues, but they offer a safe and comfortable alternative to the traditional bathtub. Some of the key benefits of walk-in tubs include:

Improved safety

For someone with limited mobility, a walk-in tub is a safer option. There’s a reduced risk of slipping or falling getting in and out of the bath, which can make a big difference in allowing someone to continue living in their home. With different features to make bathing safe, you can help restore your confidence and ease concerns you might have about bathroom safety.

Therapy options

Many walk-in tubs feature built-in hydrotherapy functions that can help ease joint and muscle pain for a more therapeutic bath experience. This can help ease many symptoms while also improving circulation, helping to improve comfort for the user.

Easy to clean

Walk-in tubs are designed to be easier to clean, providing better access for the user.

Promotes relaxation

A warm, relaxing bath can be a simple way of beating stress. For those dealing with health issues, this can be a key way of relaxing and enjoying some time to slow down.

Retained independence

Installing a walk-in bathtub can help many people retain independence in their home. A simple transformation can eliminate the need to move elsewhere or seek residential care. Remaining independent or staying in one’s home can help mental health and stop their overall health from declining too.

Types of walk-in bathtubs

There are different types of walk-in bathtubs, which can match your existing bathroom or be fitted as part of a complete bathroom remodel. Some of the features to look for in walk-in tubs include:

  • Water jets
  • Air jets
  • Minute Drain
  • Easily accessible
  • Built-in chair
  • Built-in grab bars
  • In-swing door

At EZ Bath, our walk-in tub remodels are carried out using American Tubs. Featuring the highest quality and durable materials, we pick products that we know are going to last and give you the features that you need. 

American Tubs is well-known in the industry for manufacturing contemporary, functional walk-in tubs. They can include multiple features including massage functions, comfortable seating and layouts to suit your existing bathroom. They are easy to get in and out of, which makes them the ideal choice for someone who needs assistance in the bathroom.

Choosing the right walk-in bathtub for you

With so many different types of walk-in baths, the decision can be overwhelming. You’ll need to consider options such as the door opening, where you’d like the drain to be as well as if you require a headrest and other features.

Beyond the basic features of a walk-in tub, you’ll also want to consider some additional features such as jet and massage systems that can help you with symptom relief, as well as provide a more therapeutic bath experience. Choosing a new walk-in tub can be an exciting time, and is an opportunity to enjoy bath features you might not have had before. 

Budget is another factor to consider, and there are many options to suit different budget levels, as well as payment plans to help you spread the cost. 

As part of your design consultation with EZ Bath, we’ll help provide you with options and guidance to make sure you get a bath that meets your needs. We’ll discuss your specific requirements with you to make sure your selection is exactly what you need to enjoy a comfortable bath in your home. 

Walk-in tub remodel in Houston, Texas

If you’re looking for a walk-in tub remodel in Houston, Texas, then EZ Bath can help. We provide a free design consultation service to help you shape your ideas, and come up with proposals to suit your available space and budget. Whether you’re looking to replace your bathtub or enjoy a complete bathroom remodel, we can deliver.

EZ Bath is one of Houston’s leading bathroom specialists, and we have a team of experienced professionals who cover everything from design right up to the finishing touches. Whatever your needs, we’ll work with you to make sure you’re satisfied with the outcome.

Making the decision to switch to a walk-in tub isn’t always an easy one, and we’ll handle your request sensitively and provide as much guidance and advice as possible. We’re experienced in fitting multiple types of walk-in bathtub, and as we use American Tubs products, you can ensure the highest quality when you choose to work with us.

A walk-in tub remodel can make a significant difference to your home, helping you remain independent and making sure you can stay safe and happy. Whether you’re planning a remodel for yourself or a loved one, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands with our team.

To find out more about walk-in tubs and bathroom remodeling in Houston, Texas, contact us today. Our team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with options to achieve your dream bathroom.

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