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Understand the differences between general contractors and remodeling companies with EZ Bath's informative comparison, helping you make informed decisions.

Knowing the difference between the two is not always easy, and making the right choice when it comes to the right contractor for your bathroom is crucial; the last thing you’ll want is for the end result to be poor and to have to search for a contractor for my bathroom all over again. Not only is this time-consuming, but it’s frustrating and hugely expensive too – after all, you’ll be paying for the job to be done twice.

The first thing to do when you look at the contractor for my bathroom results is to narrow them down so you can start looking more closely at the companies you’re offered. Although there are a number of ways to do this, the best way to start is to put only specific bathroom remodeling companies on your shortlist rather than including general contractors as well. Why is this? Read on for the reasons; you’ll see it makes a lot of sense to go with someone much more specific when you search for a contractor for my bathroom once you have more information.

What Is A General Contractor?

It might be that you genuinely don’t know the difference between a general contractor and a remodeling company. Perhaps you didn’t even know there was a difference and that all these businesses fall under the same banner. This thinking could lead you to make a big mistake when you hire someone to build your bathroom, however, so getting more educated is crucial.

Names mean a lot in the building trade, and what someone calls themselves is important to take note of – each word is crucial to understand because you’ll want to choose the right person for the right job, and it might be that one general contractor can’t do everything you want them to.

So what is a general contractor? A general contractor, according to the official definition, is in charge of the construction portion of a renovation project. This means that the project plan must be in existence before the contractor can begin work. This kind of contractor is engaged to oversee a project that is based on an existing design, whether it was created by a qualified interior designer or an architect.

Sounds good, right? This sounds as though a general contractor could be the answer to your search for a contractor for my bathroom. However, as the name implies, these workers are generalized. They can do everything well, but usually nothing expertly. Is that what you want for your bathroom?

What Is A Remodeling Company?

A remodeler or design-build contractor handles both the design and construction phases of a renovation. A single specialist is responsible for both the architectural and structural design plan, as well as the interior design and finish decisions and implementation. With years of expertise in both design and construction, the design-build contractors are the best option for your project when you want true experts who specialize in one area to do the work for you.

Choosing a contractor based on your specific demands will have a significant impact on the outcome of your project. You can pay general contractors to be subcontractors to do the plumbing and electrical work if you're a true DIYer and certain that you can manage some aspects of the job on your own, for example.

It's also possible that if you're working with a certain designer or architect, a ready-made plan from a general contractor may be all that is required

However, there are several advantages to collaborating with a remodeling company. A design-build partnership is definitely the ideal option for you if you need some additional help or want a perfect finish. Read on to find out more.

Remodeling Companies Are Experts

Simply put, renovation companies will engage specialized professionals. General contractors, on the other hand, are jacks-of-all-trades. While there's nothing wrong with hiring someone to handle a little bit of everything, many home upgrades are more complicated than they seem.

Full-service remodelers, as opposed to general contractors, use teams of master craftspeople, with individuals often specializing in one trade or section of the home. Master craftsmen can get work done quicker and at a greater level of quality by using their cumulative expertise, as well as perform a better job of anticipating and proactively addressing any concerns.

If you want to leave the entire job in very capable hands, specialist remodelers are the best choice.

Remodelers Have The Right Insurance

Obtaining the proper insurance as a home renovation firm is extremely costly. Many smaller contractors will get general contractor's insurance that fulfills the minimal requirements of state law, but the majority of these plans contain several exclusions. Worse, they will occasionally purchase insurance merely to be able to present a certificate, only to let it expire.

Insurance is carried by full-service remodelers for all of their skills, and this means the insurance will be much more specific. You can rest assured that should anything go wrong and you have experts carrying out the work, that insurance will help you recoup costs. Full coverage protects both you and your house in the event of an accident or unintentional damage.

Remodeling Companies Focus On One Project At A Time

Have you ever had a contractor inform you that they were working on another job or go missing for a few days? Switching between projects is a major cause of high prices and extended schedules. Unlike contractors who are juggling many jobs, full-service remodelers designate a crew to your project and work on it exclusively until it is completed.

Not only will it keep costs down, but it ensures continuity in your remodel. When you need a contractor for my bathroom and choose a specific bathroom remodeling company, you’ll have the same people with you from beginning to end. This will make you feel more comfortable with the people working in your home and will ensure there is no miscommunication between teams, resulting in a result you’re not happy with.

Remodeling Companies Excel At Project Management

As previously stated, general contractors are not always experts in all aspects of building. However, since they are project managers, you might believe that engaging a general contractor is the most effective way to guarantee that your project works smoothly and effectively. While some general contractors are capable of handling the job, they do not have a monopoly on effective project management.

In reality, full-service renovation businesses are just as competent, if not better, at project management. Because full-service remodelers handle a large number of jobs, they have tried and tested methods in place for completing projects fast while maintaining quality. They also have dedicated project managers who check the project on a regular basis to keep the renovation on schedule while avoiding rework.

If anything goes wrong, a home renovation firm can instantly call on their standby personnel to fix it so that the main crew can continue working. A general contractor, on the other hand, may have to remedy the fault himself, persuade the previous subcontractor to rectify the problem or locate a new subcontractor to rectify the work of the former subcontractor. Waiting for a general contractor to resolve the situation takes time in any case. And the longer your renovation lasts, the less time you have to wait.

It can often fall to homeowners to become their own project managers when using general contractors. This is not ideal. To be a good project manager, you need to understand the project from start to finish, which is something even the most dedicated DIY enthusiast might have trouble with. Plus, it’s best to have a project manager with experience and to who the team will listen. Sometimes it might be the case that general contractors don’t want to listen to homeowners because they’re not the ones doing the work.

Remodelers Take Care Of Customer Relations

For a full-service company model to succeed, repeat customers and recommendations are a must. Full-service remodelers concentrate on providing a wonderful client experience. Your satisfaction is their first objective. Having a relationship built on mutual trust is advantageous to both sides and streamlines the process of vetting and obtaining home renovation services.

One way that remodeling companies take care of their customers is by working quickly. Because they have a complete crew, design-build contractors can commit to a timeframe for your remodel and then stick to it. Because of their overall project capacity and the necessity to outsource various elements of your project, general contractors struggle with this. They are unable to regulate certain time issues.

Final Thoughts

When you engage someone to work on your home renovation, and you want the best contract for my bathroom, you are sure to want someone who is an expert in the task at hand, but you also want someone who is licensed and capable of completing the complete job. A remodeling company fits the bill perfectly.

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