How Long Does A Bathroom Remodel Take Before Buying It? 20 Questions You Should Always Ask

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Find out the essential questions to ask before a bathroom remodel, including timeframes and expectations, in EZ Bath's detailed guide.

How Long Does A Bathroom Remodel Take Before Buying It? 20 Questions You Should Always Ask...

When you are considering getting your bathroom remodeled, there are probably hundreds of questions going around your head. Especially if this is the first time renovating a room in your home, you might not know what to expect from a full bathroom remodel. 

From the floors, to the cabinets, to the plumbing and painting, there are many factors that contribute to the smooth running of your bathroom remodel job! If you’re feeling lost, don’t worry, we’re here for you. In this post we’ll show you 20 questions you should always ask before booking a bathroom remodel!

Let’s get straight into it, shall we? 

  1. How long will the bathroom remodel take?

This is a crucial question, simply because you will need to plan your life around this bathroom remodel. You might need to move furniture, take a little time off work, and ultimately plan large life events for after the bathroom remodel is done. Of course, there’s no way to tell exactly how long it will take, but a good bathroom remodel company will be able to give you an estimate that you can work from!

  1. How will the remodel affect the day to day running of my home?

Remodeling your home is fun, but it’s also messy. The remodel might affect the day to day running of your home, particularly if you work from home. With bathroom remodels, there’s also plumbing to consider; you might be asked to switch off your water while the plumbers install new fittings. 

You might be disturbed by noise or clutter, as well as dust and debris - it’s par for the course with remodels of any kind. Your bathroom remodel company will be able to tell you how to prepare for these disturbances.

  1. Do I need to keep children and pets out of the house during the renovation process?

Sometimes remodels involve using dangerous equipment such as saws and drills, and you know all too well that there’ll be dust and debris everywhere. If you have small children and pets, it could be a hazard to have them wandering around the house, as they could run into an accident. 

Asking about this before you book your bathroom remodel means you can prepare for having your kids or pets looked after during working hours, if you are concerned about their safety

  1. What floors are best for a new bathroom?

Bathroom remodeling companies aren’t just there to fit the bathroom - they’re also meant to advise. If you’ve never reinstalled a bathroom before, you might have questions about the best materials to use for your budget, lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. You can ask for a consultation on this, and will be met with friendly advice from an expert with years of experience. 

Most of the time, tiled floors are preferable for bathrooms, as they’re water resistant and easy to clean!

  1. Are there likely to be additional costs that aren’t present on my bill?

When you are presented with a breakdown of costs for your bathroom renovation, it is very important to ask this question. Sometimes, additional costs can be incurred without you realizing it, leaving you with a bill you hadn’t prepared or saved for. Asking about additional costs is essentially like asking your bathroom remodeling company to put their cards on the table; it ensures they have had the opportunity to be totally transparent with you. Asking about additional costs also gives you the chance to plan for a worst case scenario, financially speaking.

  1. Will your renovators be complying with COVID-19 safety rules?

We are still in the COVID-19 pandemic, and although things are improving, builders and contractors should still be aware of COVID-19 rules. You should be asking this question right out of the gate; all companies worth their salt should be providing their builders and contractors with PPE, as well as regular coronavirus testing to ensure they aren’t carrying the virus unknowingly. Similarly, you might have to start wearing PPE in your home while others are present, as a common courtesy towards others.

  1. Am I able to change my mind about the design once you have started the bathroom remodel?

When you book your bathroom renovation, the price and length of renovation time will be calculated by the specific design choices you have made. Some showers, for instance, take longer to build and install than others!

Asking about modifications to your design once you have started, or even once you have booked, is very important. If you can’t, you need to consider your options much more carefully, so that you aren’t left wishing you could switch something up once the remodel has already begun.

  1. Will this new bathroom design make my monthly bills more expensive?

Bathrooms don’t just cost money to install, they also cost money to run. Hot water and electricity will all contribute to your monthly household bills. If you are installing a new bathroom with updated appliances, such as a new shower or different light fittings, it might make your monthly bills more expensive.

Of course, your contractor won’t be able to tell you an exact figure on this, but it is worth asking before you start your remodel to get a rough idea.

  1. Do I need planning permission for my bathroom remodel?

Planning permission is involved when the home is being extended from the outside - essentially, when the home is going to be affecting other homes in the area either through sight or taking up space on the street. If your bathroom is going to be part of a larger extension, you need to check with your remodeling company as well as your local governing body that you have all the right permissions before you go ahead. 

  1. What kind of bathroom design do you recommend for my family size and home style?

As we mentioned earlier, your contractor hired through a bathroom remodeling company is there to help you. You can ask them about their recommendations based on your current bathroom’s state, your budget, the size of your family and your appeariential preferences too. They might be able to come and do a home visit to inspect the space, in order to recommend the design package that would work best for your family. 

  1. Can I add personalized touches to the bathroom remodel design?

With the existence of Pinterest and Instagram, more and more people are becoming familiar with interior design trends - and they want to try it themselves. If you have seen particularly charming or attractive fittings online that are more personal - such as engravings on metal appliances - you might want to incorporate those into the design package you are being offered.

It is important to ask about this before you book your bathroom remodel. If these personal touches are vital for you, then make sure to prioritize them.

  1. What is your cancelation policy?

Life happens, and sometimes we want to go ahead with something and then change our minds. Some remodeling companies offer a great cancelation policy, although almost all will require a non-refundable deposit when you buy through them. 

Asking about the cancelation policy will ensure that you are prepared in the event that you need to backtrack on your bathroom remodeling plans. Inevitably, canceling will cause you to lose some money, but some companies are more flexible than others. 

  1. If you use fewer materials than originally anticipated, can I get some of my money back?

Some contractors work on this basis, and others don’t. It’s a simple question to ask, but most people don’t think of it. Sometimes companies over-order materials, and will then buy them back from you if they aren’t used in your remodeling job. Others have fixed prices that are non-negotiable, no matter how much of the materials end up being used. 

  1. What happens if there’s a delay?

Delays can happen for all sorts of reasons, particularly during the pandemic. Manufacturing hold-ups, staff shortages, transport issues, or even issues within your own home, can delay the process of your renovation. Some companies have policies about this, others work more ad-hoc - so it’s vital that you get an answer to this question, in order to be prepared if there’s a delay to your bathroom remodeling process.

  1. Are all the materials you offer online actually available?

Some companies have a standard set of materials or products that are available from their site. This is common, especially with larger companies. However, occasionally, you might find that once you book your bathroom remodel, the company will come back to you and tell you that the tiles, for example, that you ordered aren’t actually available.

Before you click “buy” or “book”, make the call and ask the question: are these materials actually in stock, and can you confirm that I can have them in my remodeled bathroom?

  1. Can you send me a written confirmation of the pricing before I officially buy it?

Written confirmation of all decisions is vital - it means that down the line there can be no disputes about what has been agreed. If you want to ensure that your given price is fixed and not subject to increases, make sure you get your pricing in writing, and keep a copy of it somewhere in your home, not just on your computer!

You’d be surprised how many people don’t actually get these things in writing - perhaps the pricing is agreed over the phone - and it can cause all sorts of disputes in the long run.

  1. Is it possible to source my own materials for some items?

As we mentioned before, many people enjoy adding their own personal design spin onto their bathroom renovation. You might be an interior design enthusiast who has been eyeing up some vintage faucets or a particularly beautiful old reclaimed set of tiles for your bathroom. In this case, you will need to ask your contractor if you can source your own materials for their builders to use, instead of buying it all through them. 

  1. How many people will be working on my bathroom remodel?

Knowing how many builders will be present in your home at one time is essential for a few reasons. Firstly, you will be able to plan to accommodate the number of vans or cars on your driveway, and the number of people in your home - particularly if your home is small.

Additionally, you can then gauge the speed of the process. If only one or two people will be working on this bathroom remodel project, you can expect it to take more time, and vice versa.

  1. Have you done similar projects of this size before?

When you are hiring a contractor or a bathroom remodeling company for your home project, you need to “interview” them. All these questions are great for getting an idea of pricing and design, but in addition, you need to see whether the people working on your bathroom will be able to handle the project. Especially if your design is intricate or big, you want to know that the person you are paying will do the job properly! 

  1. Does your company have full insurance?

Being fully and comprehensively insured is one of the pillars of a good renovations company. All staff, equipment and materials need to be fully insured in order to comply with health and safety regulations. If a worker is injured on your property, or there is theft or damage of your materials or home, you need to be one hundred percent sure that you can claim on insurance.

Make sure to get proof of insurance from your bathroom remodeling company or contractor before you go ahead with the project. If they are reluctant to provide evidence, this is definitely a red flag!

Final Thoughts…

Ultimately, you need to ask a lot of questions before you sign up for a bathroom remodeling project. After all, you want to know that your hard-earned money is being spent on a trustworthy, hardworking crew who will make your bathroom dreams come true!

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