The Biggest Trends In Affordable Bathroom Remodeling We've Seen This Year

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Explore the leading trends in cost-effective bathroom remodeling for this year, curated by EZ Bath's industry experts.

It’s finally here, the top affordable bathroom remodeling trends of 2021, and boy are you in for a treat. With everyone having been forced to spend a lot of time in the comfort of their own homes over the last 12 months home renovations have been booming, the world over. The beloved bathroom has seen remodeling like no other. Homeowners have been putting their best design foot forward and putting together bathrooms to die for. From modern and sleek to classic and vintage the bathroom trends that have been rocking 2021 offer something for everyone and here is the inside scoop.

Black is the new grey

Grey has been riding high in the top trends chart for years but change is finally here. At last. Bathrooms are getting darker, with color palettes deepening. Black matte walls are a popular choice and are commonly offset with sleek white tiling, complimented with black grout. It modernizes any bathroom, giving it a sleek and expensive finish but can be achieved with the most modest of budgets.

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge on a black wall then keep your walls bright and white but add the modern black twist with the furniture. Utilize black vanity cabinets, black fixtures, and fittings, shower enclosures, or black-rimmed mirrors for that contemporary finish. It’s an affordable way to get a high-end designer look.

To create spa-inspired modern luxury or just to add a splash of color to your black and white bathroom palette throw in a few easy-to-manage house plants. Place your house plant on a shelf and allow its green foliage to hang down for the sophisticated relaxing bathroom vibe.

Be bold, be brave, and do dark. Embrace the change.

Brass is back (and better than ever)

Don’t let the old-fashioned bathrooms put you off and don’t confuse the brass accent du jour with the brass you saw in bathrooms of yesteryear. The brass supplements of today extend to warm golden tones that add a real touch of luxury to your bathroom. Metal faucets and handles are being faded out and replaced with warmer softer, brassy tones, that stand out and ooze glam.

Brass lends itself perfectly to the bathroom because it pairs seamlessly with white and other neutral colors. It is the perfect way to add a pop of color and a statement to an otherwise safe, inexpensive, and neutral bathroom.

You don’t have to go all-in with adding golden faucets or showerheads, start small and build your way up - as you build your budget too. To ensure an affordable bathroom remodel, start with accessories, handles, or pendant lights, and once you love it be brassy and then remodel the larger items such as the faucets and showers with brass.

Backlit vanity mirrors.

Getting bathroom lighting right is key, it can change the entire room dynamic. Commonly, bathrooms are used first thing in the morning and last thing at night. You don’t want enforced illumination as you’re just opening your eyes and you do want a serene ambiance as you are winding down for bed. As much as you need ambiance in your bathroom you also need sufficient lighting to focus on your daily bathroom tasks. Think about how much time you spend in front of the bathroom mirror, washing your face, teeth, applying make-up, shaving, grooming. You stand there daily and you need good lighting to see what you are doing, especially with a razor in hand.

So 2021’s answer - integrated lighting, or more specifically backlit vanity mirrors. Nothing says sophisticated glamour like a backlit vanity mirror. By illuminating the wall from behind the mirror can add sufficient lighting in all the right places but also create ambient, low-level warm lighting that doesn’t add glare or reflection.

Adding a backlit vanity mirror is a really simple and affordable addition to any bathroom. One that is not only functional but stylish too. It is an eye-catching feature for your bathroom that adds depth and design and highlights any textured wall behind it.

So, light up your life (or bathroom) with a backlit vanity mirror

Floating furniture

While on the subject of vanities, 2021 is all about the backlit vanity mirror sitting proudly above the floating vanity unit. Wall-mounted units allow for clean crisp lines modernizing any bathroom. They also allow for the eye to see the flooring reach from wall to wall. This gives the impression of a bigger bathroom, which a great tip when trying to maximize a small space on a small budget. Not to mention it makes cleaning easier. Win-win.

Floating vanities or storage units come in all shapes and sizes and can be utilized to suit the user and the space available. They also provide a means to achieve the overall design you are aiming for without breaking the bank. For example, you could install black or brass handles on your floating furniture to compliment the color palette or design of your bathroom. Alternatively, for the truly modern feel ditch the handles altogether. Handleless units accentuate the material of the unit and give them a very on-trend sleek and svelte finish

Set your shower free

It’s time to ditch the shower enclosure and shelve that glass cleaner. Open showers are the future, or the very now. An open shower is not to be confused with a wet room, it’s not 2015. Rather, an open shower is a show-stopping popular design feature of 2021. Open showers can utilize a singular pane of glass (apologies, the glass cleaner wasn’t away for long), be tucked away in a corner of the room, or behind a small purpose-built tiled wall to divide the room. You can cleverly cordon off the shower area, to protect the rest of the bathroom from shower spray. Although an open shower may not provide the privacy some desire it will make your bathroom look a lot bigger. What is more, you are saving space in your bathroom yet gaining space in your shower - get your head around that one for a minute. Not only are open showers all the rage when remodeling your bathroom in 2021 they are very accessible too. Worrying about slipping in the shower or tripping up the raised shower tray will be a thing of the past with no doors to worry about you just walk on into your open shower and let the rainfall flow from your new bold black shower head. You can revamp the entire look and feel of your bathroom by simply upgrading the shower.

So go on, join 2021 and ditch the doors and set your shower free.

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