The Pros and Cons of a Bathroom Remodel Cost Estimator

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Understand the benefits and limitations of using a bathroom remodel cost estimator with EZ Bath's detailed exploration.

When planning to renovate your house, you’d be forgiven for wanting to cost everything in advance. Renovations and remodelings cost money, and that’s especially true if you hope to receive a great service with solid value and long-term reliability.

For that reason, it’s not uncommon for people to try and get a handle on what this job may cost in the future. You may have found bathroom remodel cost estimators online, perhaps hosted generally, or as part of a remodeling service website.

Before you take the figure this tool gives you as a strict number, it’s important to know what the pros and cons of using a service like this are. This way, you can be the most informed homeowner possible when it comes to booking remodeling work for your property.

After all, great remodeling firms are inclined to empower and inform their clients before they enter a contract, and so it’s good to know where to begin in order to make that happen. Let’s consider the pros and cons below:


Easy-to-use user interface

Generally, one of the pros of using a bathroom remodel cost estimator is that they tend to be easy to use. Sometimes, this might be in the form of an online tool or questionnaire. This may include just how much work you need doing (such as light repairs or full renovations), and the purpose of why you nee this service (perhaps to install new utilities or just spruce the place up a little). Depending on the size and floor space of the bathroom, the tool can adjust its results accordingly. This may also go for what kind of bathroom you hope to remodel, be that residential or commercial.
It can help dispel false pricing assumptions you may have.

While bathroom remodel cost estimators are far from laser-accurate in what kind of prices they give you, they can help you dispel the idea of having to spend a certain amount. The valuation they give you may be more or less what you were expecting, but at the very least, you may realize that you need to budget more for these plans to avoid being surprised when you’re given an actual costed quote.
They encourage you to shop around and see what quotes you could get.

Bathroom remodel cost estimators will rarely give you an actual figure, but rather two figures where the costing of the remodel may take place. This may help you realize that shopping around, getting a couple of quotes, and politely negotiating for combination projects undertaken is a healthy way to look at commissioning a job like this. If you can achieve that, then you’ll be much more likely to enjoy a favorable financial outcome.


Unfortunately, bathroom remodel cost estimators are mostly wrong

This may sound pessimistic, so let us clarify. Bathroom cost estimators are mostly wrong. They tend to compile data from all around the world in order to heighten just how many people they can serve and the general averages they are able to provide.

However, it’s quite clear that you may be quoted different prices depending on your zip code and the companies that operate within it. Your quote will be defined by the cost of materials, and the labor costs of the time. There are too many variables for a handy online tool to replace the keen and observant eye of a qualified professional. That’s why it’s best to contact these services immediately to make sure you have the most accurate quote possible.

Online tools are rarely able to ask you actual specifics

Our homes are unique, and so one remodeling job may be vastly different from another. The scope of a job can also change. What you consider to be ‘light repairs’ may actually require the full removal and replacement of a sink basin and its cabinets. In order to prevent further damage, an emergency plumber may have to be called to prevent any problems from the last job you paid for causing havoc while the tradesmen perform their magic.

Furthermore, what if you hope to opt for a more unique bathroom remodel compared to the standard fitting? You may wish to tear out an entire bathtub and may half of a room a tiled wetroom, giving you more space and autonomy when in the shower each day. Perhaps you hope for a standard of tiles imported from abroad to truly enhance the beauty of this gorgeous area. It might be that thanks to living in an area where basements aren’t the norm, shifting the first-floor drain may be more difficult than usual, or a contingency that needs to be planned around.

As you can see, these are hardly considerations an online tool can plan for, but this may define your entire quoted cost.
They can lead you to improperly budget for a complete job

If you rest on the incorrect assessment of an online universal tool, you may find it necessary to budget a set amount of your potential working investment and spend the rest on luxurious items for other parts of the house. Then, when you get the actual costed analysis from a professional, you may realize you have little left over, or you have to dip into your savings.

There’s no real worth in getting a quote from anything other than the entity inclined to actually work on your property.  They’ll be the ones judging their cost of labor and materials while also trying to keep you happy as a client. They’ll also be able to give you a direct assessment and justify the figure they come to.
So, where am I to turn?

While a proper quote from a specific service is essential, you’ll also find that the cost vs. value analysis put together by a remodeling magazine can be tremendously accurate. This can also provide an excellent place to turn should you wish to understand exactly what the general cost of remodeling your bathroom could be, without having to worry about global datasets or other variables not being tracked.

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