The Ugly Truth About Bathroom Remodel Photos

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Uncover the reality behind bathroom remodel photos with EZ Bath, revealing what these images often don't show about the remodeling process.

Let’s talk about bathroom remodels. So, you’ve decided that the time has come to overhaul and revamp your bathroom. You’re bored of the design and style that you currently have and you’re ready for a change. You’ve seen some amazing photos online of bathrooms in a range of styles and you know that you want to take the time, effort, and money into your bathroom revamp.

Whether you want to transform your bathing space into a hub of tranquility and calm or a vibrant, family-friendly space, naturally you want to ensure that you are working with the right bathroom remodeling company and specialists. Admittedly, it’s not always easy to determine who you should work with, especially when there are so many seemingly fantastic bathroom design and remodeling experts around.

Choose a company to work with:

How do you pick just one company and designer to work with? What does it take to determine who you should work with? The truth is that usually, it’s down to a combination of factors, such as personal preference, project turnaround time, and your budget. But what is it that makes your trust a business and choose to work with them once those factors have been met?

Usually, one of the most common reasons that a client chooses to work with a brand is because of their portfolio - aka examples of their previous work. This is a good strategy for choosing a bathroom design company to work with, as their portfolio of work showcases their style and work quality, right?

Actually, that isn’t always the case.

There’s a shocking secret of the design industry…

It’s somewhat of an industry secret but a lot of home design and renovation companies use stock images on their websites and in their marketing materials. Yes, you read that right - a high percentage of companies use other people’s work to market their businesses.

This means that the images that a lot of homeowners base their decisions on when choosing a company to manage their bathroom remodel are, in fact, fake. They might be real images of real bathroom overhauls but they’re not images of the company’s work. They’re simply stock images downloaded from the internet.

Shock. Horror. Companies across the design industry are using stock images and passing them off as their own work.

What does this mean?

Does the fact a company uses stock images automatically mean that they are ‘rogue traders’? No, it doesn’t. It could simply be that the company doesn’t have a skilled photographer on their books and doesn’t feel comfortable sharing amateur photo shots of their teams’ handiwork.

However, that being said, the issue is that if a company is using stock photos, you cannot judge the quality of their work. If you are not able to see examples of a company’s previous work, the truth is that you have absolutely no idea the quality level of their work.

The ugly truth is that unless you are able to see actual photos of a company’s work, you cannot make an informed decision about whether you want to work with them. It’s wrong for a company to use stock images and pass them off as their own photos, as this is false advertising as you are being advertised a product that you cannot actually get.

Plus, if a company uses stock images it is impossible to get to know anything about them or their work.

How can you trust a company that doesn’t show photos of the work that they and their team members have completed? You need to be able to clearly see the style and quality of the work being offered before you choose to work with a company, which is why real photos are so important.

You cannot make an informed decision based on a stock image. You need to be able to have access to a range of authentic examples of a company’s work, ensuring that you know what level of service and quality you will be paying for.

What can you do?

The good news is that there are companies - like us - who only use their own photos on their websites and don’t use stock photos. The key here is knowing how to spot a stock photo compared to an authentic image. That’s what is important.

Spotting a stock image is easier than you might think. Visit a few bathroom design websites and see if you can spot the same image or style of the image being used again and again. This means that the images that you are seeing are most likely stock images taken from a website like Pixabay, Pexels, or Shutterstock.

Another step you can take is to actually search these stock websites for photos of bathroom design and see if you recognize any that come up as having been used by bathroom remodel companies.

You can also opt to save photos off of a company’s website and Google reverse image search them to see where the image originates from. If it is an authentic image it won’t show any results when the reverse search is performed. If the image comes from a stock image website, the site will pop up once the search is complete.

You can trust us…

We understand the need for authentic photos is important, which is why we have a wide range of portfolio photos and videos that allow our customers to clearly see the style, integrity and quality of our work.

That’s why we have a wide range of previous work photos for you to take a look at, giving you an insight into the quality of our work.

Be clued up about images and know what to look out for...

There you have it, a simple and informative guide to the ugly truth about bathroom remodel photos and how to spot a fake picture and a company that is hiding behind stock images.

Hopefully, the above guide has armed you with all of the information that you need to make an informed decision when hiring a bathroom remodeling company for your bathroom overhaul.

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