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Cliff Carpe

Cliff has been with EZ Bath for over 5 years and has over 25 years of experience in the home remodeling industry. During his time in home remodeling, he was in the expertise of flipping homes and he discovered that remodeling the bathroom was where his true passion lied. Once he dug deeper into bathroom remodeling, he found that helping customers pick out walk in tubs was his favorite due to the needs and assistance it provides to his customers. For him, and us, it truly is about improving the life of our customers..

What Our Customers Say About Cliff:

  • He is a walking encyclopedia on this industry
  • Was able to discover needs that they weren't aware of, and was happy he did.
  • Very thorough in his presentation
  • Polite and friendly

Fun Facts About Cliff:

Cliff used to live in the Cayman Islands for a small portion of his adulthood. This is also probably why he thinks Margaritaville is the best song ever made. We feel at the office that's what made him so laid back and easy to talk to. He loves dogs and cats and playing with his grandkids.

Traits, Characteristics and Hobbies:

  • Informative
  • Has a radio voice
  • Easy to talk to
  • Reliable
  • Communicative
  • Integrity
  • Honest

If you would like to have Cliff out at your home, give us a call to set up your free in home consultation.

Bathroom Remodels Designed by Cliff

Shower Renovation

Shower renovation in Spring, TX where we removed an existing cultured marble wall surround and base and installed new.

Tub To Shower Renovation

Tub to shower renovation we did in Spring, TX. Customer needed a more accessible solution.

Tub To Shower Conversion

Tub to shower conversion we did in League City, TX. Removed the tub due to accessibility issues and put in a shower with a bench.

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