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What Is Onyx:

Onyx is a solid surface based product that was specifically designed for the bathroom area. It is a similar product to Corian but with a patented blend that allows it to not be effected by the hard water we have in Houston. Onyx can be used as a shower pan, shower wall surround and vanity top.

Onyx Shower Base

The Onyx shower base is our most used product. We use it for most of the showers that we install. Unlike an acrylic base, this thing is stout. Each base weighs approximately a 100 lbs or more depending on the size. They will not creak around the drain area like other bases and unlike any shower base on the market, it is backed by a Forever warranty. The base can come in standard sizes or custom sized to any shape or form. Our most popular. size is the low profile which has a threshold starting at only an inch and a half.

Onyx Low Profile Shower Base

The Onyx low profile shower base has a minimal step over for ease of use. We recommend this base a lot of times for people that want the most easiest step over into their new shower area. If you plan on using a curtain or a barn style sliding door, we recommend using the mid or standard profile.

Onyx Mid Profile Shower Base

The Onyx mid profile shower base is the perfect medium for someone who wants to better keep the water inside the shower using a curtain but still getting a minimal step over. This shower base typically starts at 3" tall. We recommend the mid profile shower base on any second floor or area with a sub floor vs a slab.

Onyx Standard Profile Shower Base

The Onyx standard profile has a high step over and is the more traditional heigh for a threshold. The height of this step over starts at approximately 4".

Onyx Shower Wall Surrounds

Onyx Shower Wall Surrounds

Onyx shower wall surrounds can be made in any size and are custom fabricated on site. These wall surrounds are solid and have a very clean look to them. They have a forever warranty and are very low maintenance.

These wall surrounds come in over 40 different colors and over 4 different kind of styles.

Onyx Vanity Tops

Onyx Vanity Top

Onyx vanity tops can give your bathroom an updated look without the maintenance attached.Onyx vanity tops are very easy to clean with its integrated sink system. One of the greatest design features is that you can have the top as one tone and the sink as another. This gives it that undermount look without the high maintenance involved.

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