5 Reasons You Need A Walk In Shower With A Bench

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Enjoy a safer, calmer and more accessible bathing with a walk in shower with bench!

Have you ever been in the shower after a long day of hard work, legs, and body aching, and wondered how much better the experience would be if you have a safe and comfortable place to sit? Well, you are not alone, because while most showers don’t allow users to sit while they bathe, walk-in showers complete with a bench do.

What that means is by investing in a walk-in shower with a bench you can sit down as you bathe, relax, and truly enjoy an indulgent experience. Indeed, there are many other benefits to choosing a walk-in shower with a bench as well as the enhanced experience on offer. Keep reading to find out what they are.


First of all, walk-in showers with benches offer a robust and lasting bathing solution. This is because they are part of the carefully crafted design of your bathroom, and as such are made to be a permanent fixture. What this means is that instead of a flimsy portable chair to use while you shower you can expect custom, crafted, robust seating that will withstand many years of use, even in the wet.

Indeed, custom-built shower benches tend to be built from sturdy natural materials like stone, marble, and wood and then covered with tile so they are not only sturdy but will perfectly match the design of your bathroom too.

Built-in shower benches also tend to be reinforced from the underside, which means you and your guests can use them without worrying about safety, day after day, year after year.


Another reason to invest in a walk-in shower with a bench is that they are supremely functional. Firstly, having a shower bench to sit on will allow you to do all the activities you normally do as you bathe in comfort and safety. In particular, they are ideal for shaving legs and other body parts because you can sit comfortably on the bench without having to twist and turn at all angles under the running water. An activity that can be at best uncomfortable and exhausting and at worst quite dangerous! After all, water, plus shaving cream, plus a razor can lead to a nasty accident.

Another reason why walk-in showers with benches exceed the functionally of a traditional shower is that the space on top, or even underneath in some cases means plenty of extra storage for shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, and body washes, as well as sponges, flannels, exfoliators and any other bathing accessories you require. Indeed, many people choose to have storage built into the underneath of their shower bench, thereby getting double the functionality and value!


The third reason to invest in a walk-in shower with a bench is the better accessibility it provides to all users, including those with mobility issues. This is because the integrated bench offers a solid and stable surface on which to sit while washing, making it ideal for our differently-abled customers, as well as the elderly who can find standing for long periods challenging.

Of course, the great thing about a walk-in shower with a bench is that it provides a full refreshing and cleansing shower experience. Something that means those who would find a traditional shower difficult to use no longer have to opt for equally challenging baths, or often less than adequate strip washes.

Safer bathing

No matter what your age or your physical ability, you can benefit from safer bathing with a walk-in shower with a bench. This is because, as well as being one of the most used, and important rooms in our homes, bathrooms are one of the most dangerous as well.

Much of the danger present in the bathroom comes from the massive slip and fall risk of standing on tile or plastic while using soap and water. Which as you will already know, can become incredibly slippery very quickly. In turn, this means you have to be constantly mindful of your position and safety when taking a traditional standing shower. Unfortunately, this can make the whole experience far less relaxing than we’d like.

However, by opting for a safer, seated position you can radically cut the chances of falling and the injuries that are associated with it. While at the same time ensuring you get a thorough, refreshing, and relaxing experience of a shower. Indeed, you can just sit and let the hot water rush over you without having to rely on constant vigilance.

Better aesthetics

Last of all, one of the most compelling reasons to install a walk-in shower with a bench is because they can look beautiful. Indeed, showering facilities that include seating is reminiscent of high-end health spas, and can be designed to cohesively blend with the rest of your bathroom design. Something that provides a much more finished and luxurious look that can fold out a bench or portable shower stool.

There are so many options to consider here too from a single bench to one on each side of your shower. While some people like to add frameless glass screens and even frosted windows to let in glorious light and you bathe.

Picture found at Pixabay - License CC0

Then there are the showerhead choices you can pick from, with massaging or rain-fixed showers on offer. Although many also have an adjustable showerhead installed for added functionality at the same time.

Additionally, when planning your walk-in shower design you can choose to create a built-in bench in a range of styles and shapes. Perhaps a curved bench will work for your room, or if you are looking for a sleeker modern look a simple linear shape could be better suited? It is all down to you, and the aesthetic vision you have for your walk-in shower and bathroom.

Final thoughts

There are so many reasons to choose a walk-in shower with a bench such as improved safety and functionality. You can be sure that they will look stunning too, and provide ideal bathing options for a range of users while truly standing the test of time!

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