The Bathroom Remodeler Awards: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Things We've Seen

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Remodeling your bathroom is a significant undertaking. Learn the best, worst, and weirdest things witnessed by reviewing the bathroom remodeler awards.

Remodeling your bathroom is a significant undertaking and investment of your time and money. You want to make sure it’s done right and that you love the end result.

Your first order of business when considering making over your bathroom is to get ideas for inspiration and consult with a bathroom remodeler. You should not only take time to review what suggestions and looks are popular and trending but also those that are the worst ideas ever or even the weirdest of them all. This will help ensure you avoid them at all costs and get the project done the way you want it.

Why A Bathroom Remodel?

You may be wondering if it’s worth spending time and money to remodel your bathroom. The short answer is, yes, because it will add value to your home. You’ll not only enjoy your new space more but it’ll be nice to have it updated when you want to sell your home one day in the future. Most homebuyers would like to see a bathroom that’s current and modern so they don’t have to complete the work themselves. When you remodel your bathroom you can increase safety and efficiency, add storage space, and ensure that you remove any mold or mildew that may be present.

Some of the Best Ideas for Inspiration

You may be curious to know what some of the best ideas are when it comes to the bathroom remodeler awards and what’s out there. It’s always wise to know what the latest trends are and to be up to speed with understanding what other homeowners are doing and want in a bathroom. Keep in mind that it doesn’t always have to be making super expensive or fancy updates to make it look lovely and inviting. There are many practical ideas and ways to improve your bathroom on a budget.

One idea that many homeowners love and that you should add to your list of possibilities is to put a window in the shower. It’s an excellent way to draw in more natural light and getting ready each day will be a real delight. Also, it adds another opportunity to properly ventilate your bathroom and in a natural way. Although most fans work great, a window works even better. You can crack it during or after your shower to draw out the humidity. Remember to include frosted glass to ensure full privacy.

If you’re looking to add storage space without taking up a lot of space then think about adding a recessed medicine cabinet above the vanity. This way you don’t have to worry about banging your head on the edge of the cabinet and it’ll provide you with extra space to bend over and use your sink. Regardless, you should include and have ample storage in your bathroom. It may include adding cabinets, draws, floating shelves, or a custom vanity that has extra room for your belongings.

Lighting should always also be at the top of your to-do list when it comes to remodeling your bathroom. You can never have too much of it or too many options so don’t be afraid to go bold in this area. Use lighting to not only change and boost the functionality of your bathroom but as a way to also set the right mood. Put your lights on dimmer switches so that it’s easy to do. It’s also wise to add recessed fixtures around the mirrors which will give you the best possible light when you’re getting ready and need to see what you’re doing. Light your shower properly as well by putting lights in the shower instead of around it.

As you remodel your bathroom you should seriously consider whether a tub is necessary or not. Many people these days prefer a large and updated shower instead of using a tub anyways. Therefore, think long and hard about adding and including one if you don’t feel it’s necessary. It’s possible you wish to invest more in a fancier shower that you’ll actually use each day and can save on water costs as well. If you do want to include a tub then it’s in your best interest to remodel it and stick with a small tub for the best results. Another option is to opt for doing a tub to shower conversion.

Another one of the best bathroom remodel jobs out there includes heated flooring. If you’re replacing the floors anyway then consider heated flooring as another way to improve the space. They’ll add value to your home and keep you warm in the winter. Keep in mind they’re also more efficient to heat the space than using your central heat anyways. You’ll be a lot more comfortable getting ready if you live in a cold climate.

Choose practical and neutral fixtures and the right countertop material that’s durable and attractive and you’ll be all set.

Some of the Worst Ideas

There are also some design mistakes you should and must avoid as you take on your bathroom remodeling project. For starters, you should never remodel your bathroom without a plan and try to do all the work yourself. Some of the worst things we’ve seen are when homeowners begin a project on their own and don’t complete it at all or don’t do it right. There needs to be some sort of common sense when it comes to the interior design and not look like the parts are separate and don’t mesh well. Some homeowners will place an exposed toilet behind a wall of glass which leaves the person with no privacy at all. Another way to create a poorly designed bathroom is to not have enough room for the toilet and a swinging door and to cut out the door so it will open and close. This is a major no, no. Instead, you can relocate the toilet or switch to a sliding-style door.

Another mistake to avoid and worst ideas include having an excessive amount of exposed plumbing. Your goal should be to have as little as possible showing for the ideal bathroom remodel. This combined with a dark bathroom with dark walls and fixtures and no natural light just spells disaster. If your bathroom is small and also has tiny tiles and no storage then this is also a problem. Remember that some countertop and decorative choices are less pleasant than others and some might be too busy and overwhelming to look at. When choosing tile you may want to stick with neutrals instead of going bold with a color like pink or yellow as well.  

The Weirdest Things Witnessed

There are some weird things we’ve witnessed over the years when it comes to bathroom remodeling projects. For instance, having the toilet close to the shower and choosing to have the toilet paper roll in the shower instead of fit next to the toilet. It not only looks funny but is inconvenient. Most importantly, never put carpet in your bathroom for a long list of reasons. It’s not only weird but not practical or functional. Stick to trending colors as well instead of pinks, oranges, and pea-greens.

Another weird thing that’s been witnessed is having the water miss the mark when running the sink. There are several ways to install a waterfall faucet but this shouldn’t be one of them. You must install the right type of faucet for your bathroom and vanity. Choose a faucet that is long and high enough so it clears the gap and the water pours into the sink properly.

You should also focus on keeping the bathroom and bedroom separate. For instance, there have been times when homeowners will combine the master suite and bathroom into one seamless room. This is awkward and not visually appealing or very practical. It’s especially important that you don’t have hardwood floors here that will warp when they get wet and having a tub as a headboard is also very weird in general.

Next Steps

Remodeling your bathroom shouldn’t be painful or frustrating. We make it easy by offering the best ideas for your home and completing the work for you. We hope that you’ll get in touch today to start discussing your bathroom remodeling project so you can begin to enjoy your new space. We’re happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with further information about our services and what we can do for you.


These bathroom remodeler awards offer you some insight into some of the best, worse, and weirdest things we’ve seen in this area. It’s hard to believe that some people will follow through with some of these ideas but it does happen. Make sure you stay on trend and are making appropriate updates by doing your homework and seeing what other homeowners are doing that works well and is attractive. Why wait any longer to get your dream bathroom? Now is the perfect time to get started figuring out what you like and what will go over well and be appealing to the majority of homeowners.

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