The Pros and Cons of a Walk-In Shower

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Are you unsure whether a walk-in shower is a right addition to your bathroom? Learn about the pros and cons of walk-in showers in this EZ Bath guide.

Because of their stylish look and unparalleled functionality, walk-in showers have become a synonym of luxury and comfort. So, it isn’t surprising that they rank among the most in-demand bathroom remodel features of 2022

If you are looking to turn your existing bathroom into a private spa where to pamper yourself, relax, and melt your stress away, custom-made walk-in showers are the answer. However, because of their cost, it is crucial to make sure that they are the right option for your home. Here are the advantages of walk-in showers that will make you fall in love with this feature - and the drawbacks to watch out for!

The Advantages of Walk-In Showers

Walk-In Showers Are a More Accessible Choice

Most homeowners replace a shower’s fixtures every four years. However, custom-made walk-in shower surrounds can last for over 50 years! So, when opting for this long-term investment, you should consider what your needs and lifestyle will be like in the future. 

One of the most sought-after benefits of walk-in showers is that they don’t involve high thresholds or raised entry points. This provides high levels of accessibility to people with reduced mobility, older adults, or younger children. 

Walk-In Showers Are Easier To Clean and Maintain

Maintenance and a strict cleaning routine are crucial to keep your bathroom in tip-top conditions, make the most of your investment, and increase your shower’s lifespan. At the same time, cleaning the bathroom is ranked as the third most-hated household chore by homeowners across the US!

Luckily, walk-in showers don’t have doors or areas that are difficult to clean or become easily clogged. This means that you can effortlessly maintain them by wiping the surfaces after taking a shower.

A Custom-Made Walk-In Shower Reflects Your Bathroom’s Unique Needs

Each bathroom is unique, and a standard or prefabricated shower might just feel and look out of place. Custom-made walk-in showers are designed to fit your bathroom’s style and layout so that you can create a harmonious and streamlined design. 

Additionally, walk-in showers are sleek additions that easily stand the test of time and fleeting design trends. Just make sure to keep in mind these 10 bathroom renovation secrets!

Walk-In Showers Are Ideal To Optimize Space in Small Bathrooms

A lack of space and small rooms are a homeowner’s bigger frustrations. However, with the right elements, you can make any small bathroom bigger, airier, and more comfortable. Walk-in showers do just that - they merge with the room’s layout to optimize its space and create continuity. Make sure to opt for a custom-made walk-in shower for the best results!

They Increase Your Home’s Value

Bathroom renovations projects are among the most expensive ones for any homeowner. However, with the right features, you can make your investment work much harder for you! By choosing plain colors, a timeless design, and a resilient tailor-made design, you can benefit from a 70% return on investment. And, if you have been thinking of selling your home, a modern and accessible walk-in shower can catch the eye of desirable buyers!

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

The Drawbacks of Walk-In Showers

Walk-In Shower Plates Can Be Slippery When Wet

Unlike standard showers and baths, walk-in showers don’t usually have a raised plate or threshold. This is certainly a benefit if you are looking for a more accessible shower option. However, this also means that the shower’s flooring will be slightly sloped towards the drain and bare. In turn, this can make the floor slippery when wet. 

Nonetheless, you can easily fix this issue by consulting your bathroom remodel contractors at EZ Bath. We can help you find the right shower floor materials and design solutions for a safe shower design.

Chilly Airflow Can Affect Your Shower Experience

Have you ever stayed a little longer in the shower cubicle enjoying the warmth? This might not be entirely possible with a walk-in shower. In fact, this type of shower design is doorless and constantly remains semi-open. This means that a chilly airflow can sneak in at any time and ruin your shower experience!

There are many solutions to this problem. For example, you might consider installing heated flooring or a heater. Alternatively, you might install glass panels to reduce the shower’s entrance’s size. 

Water Splashes and Humidity Can Affect Your Bathroom

While chilly air can enter the shower, water splashes, high levels of humidity, and soap residues can pour outside of it, onto the bathroom space. Aside from making the whole bathroom look messier, this can increase the chances of mildew growth and water damages. 

So, when installing a walk-in shower, consult an expert designer who can help you adjust the water flow and direction and choose the right materials to water-proof your bathroom. According to EPA, installing an exhaust fan, investing in houseplants, and devices such as humidistat can help.

A small tip, especially for all of those who live in a humid climate (like here in Houston) is the that a properly ventilated home with air conditioning can remove humidity.

Doorless Showers Provide Little Privacy

Everyone has the right to enjoy a shower in all privacy! However, not all households allow for it! If you have younger kids or you are sharing one bathroom with many family members, you might need to compromise on your time alone. While other shower models with doors or panels will offer some privacy, doorless showers such as walk-in models offer barely any cover.

However, you can increase your level of privacy by smartly positioning your shower and adding stylish room dividers.

They Are More Expensive and Require Professional Installation

If you are looking for a DIY bathroom remodel project that you can complete by yourself, walk-in showers are not suitable. Since they require planning and a layout change, a professional will need to review the water line connections, drain positioning, and plumbing rough-in steps. 

While professional shower installation can affect your budget, it is also a risk-free quay to protect your investment. Don’t forget that a bathroom remodel costs over $16,000 on average, and you wouldn’t want to burn through your investment because of poor drain connections! 

Learn More About Walk-In Showers at EZ Bath

Walk-in showers are a modern, stylish, and efficient solution to take any bathroom to the next level - but they might not be the right choice for all homeowners! Get in touch with EZ Bath to make sure that this is the best option for your needs. 

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