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Large Walk In Shower Remodel

Large Walk In Shower Remodel

Description Of The Remodeling Project

Removed Bathtub and Shower

In this project the customer needed a giant walk in shower as a more accessible solution for their bathing experience.  We were able to remove their existing bathtub and shower and convert it to one large shower using our Onyx Collection products.

Onyx Collection

The customer wanted a solution that was easy to cleain and that was a solid surface backed buy a great warranty.  Due to the size of the new shower - we felt that Onyx was the best solution.  

Bathroom Design Challenges

One of the biggest challenges was the space between the vanity and the shower and their existing wall.  Another challenge was the placement of a heated towel rack that the customer requested.  We were able to come up with a design that was workable and pleased the home owner.  The result was a giant beautiful walk in shower that will last a lifetime.

Days To Complete
Shower Wall Material
Shower Base Material
BCI Wall Color
Onyx  Wall Color
Natural Stone Wall Color
Onyx Shower Base Color