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Master Bath Shower Remodel

Master Bath Shower Remodel

Description Of The Remodeling Project

Shower Remodel

This was one of the most complicated shower bases we ever had to make do to all of the angles involved.  It took over an hour to get the accurate measurements and you better believe we quadruple checked them.  Not only was this shower base difficult to get right, but it was on the second floor and very heavy to carry up the flight of stairs.  It took three people to get it up but we were able to do so with no problems.  


We also removed the customers existing flooring and replaced with all new floors.  A difficult thing to do in this bathroom again, due to the angles.  So marking how the tiles were laid was imperative to how this job came out.  

Vanity Tops

We also replaced their existing cultured marble countertops with new quartz countertops.

Days To Complete
Shower Wall Material
Shower Base Material
BCI Wall Color
Onyx  Wall Color
Natural Stone Wall Color
Onyx Shower Base Color