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Steam Shower

Steam Shower

Description Of The Remodeling Project

Steam Shower

This customer had a steam shower put in his home at one point but it unfortunately failed and flooded his house.  That didn't stop him from wanting to put another one back in.  He loved the benefits that a steam shower provided for his health.  

Natural Stone

Our natural stone product is steam rated and that backed by the Schluter Kerdi system, no steam is getting through those walls.  Enclosure. With steam showers, they have to be fully encloses.  The shower glass enclosure went all the way up to the ceiling and also had a proper vent system for the steam to be released after the shower.  

Things to consider

Steam showers are one of the most difficult things to put into a home and if done wrong can really damage your property.  We don't typically recommend them but if someone request, we can do them.

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