Stylish Tub to Shower Conversion: Modernizing Houston Bathrooms

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A full bathroom remodel with wood style porcelain tiles, a freestanding bathtub and shower remodel
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An old porcelain bathtub with white tile 4 x 4 wall surround and gold bathtub sliding glass door. It needed to be replaced with a new shower.
A shower where a bathtub used to be. EZ Bath did the remodel that was based in Houston TX
A picture of an old gold shower head that was from the 1980s. EZ Bath had to go in and replace the entire shower system
Linden In2uition shower head by delta in brushed nickel. A newly remodeled bathroom by EZ Bath in Houston, TX.

Transforming Bathrooms into Modern Havens

The project on Parkview Drive was a comprehensive conversion of a traditional bathtub into a sleek, modern shower. Cathy Kellogg's bathroom underwent this transformation, focusing on functionality, aesthetics, and quality.

Preparing for Perfection

The EZ Bath team's meticulous preparation included protecting the house and fully demolishing the existing bathtub area. Ensuring the integrity of the plumbing system, they prepared the site for a new and improved shower installation.

Crafting the Contemporary Shower

  • Shower Base Installation:
  • A 60 x 32 Onyx shower base in Gun Metal with a left-side drain was installed. The standard profile base had a 3 1/2 to 5” threshold, offering both accessibility and style.
  • Wall Surround:
  • BCI wall surrounds in Arctic Ice with a 12x12 stamped pattern were chosen. These solid surface polymer walls provided a sleek and durable finish.

Enhancing with Elegance and Safety

  • Accessories:
  • An Onyx corner seat in Gun Metal and a 36" Onyx shower tower were added, enhancing the functionality and visual appeal of the shower space.
  • Safety Features:
  • A 24” angled grab bar in brushed nickel was installed, ensuring safety without compromising on style.

Fixtures and Enclosure: The Final Touch

  • Shower Fixtures:
  • Lahara In2ition fixtures from Delta in brushed nickel were chosen for their versatility and elegance.
  • Glass Enclosure:
  • A 60 x 76” sliding glass door in brushed nickel completed the shower, providing a sleek and modern finish.

The Impact of the Remodel

The project successfully transformed Cathy's bathroom, turning an ordinary space into a contemporary shower haven. The blend of modern fixtures, elegant finishes, and functional design elements resulted in a luxurious and practical bathroom upgrade.

Cathy's Reflection on Her New Shower

After EZ Bath transformed our bathroom, it's like walking into a new world every morning. The modern Onyx shower base and the stunning glass door have completely elevated our space. The brushed nickel fixtures add a touch of elegance that we didn't know we needed. I'm beyond thrilled with our new shower, and it's all thanks to the incredible work of the EZ Bath team!

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