Woodland Oaks Wonder: Transforming a Tub into a Shower and Closet

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A full bathroom remodel with wood style porcelain tiles, a freestanding bathtub and shower remodel
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A common setup of garden tub on left and shower on right in.a houston home
EZ Bath removed the tub on the left and converted it to a shower. Then removed the shower on the right and converted it to a 3 shelv linen closet.
a picture of the old tile shower with fiberglass base before ez bath ripped it out and converted it to a linen closet
A picture of the new linen closet installed by ez bath by removing an old tile shower with fiberglass base.

Crafting a Dual-Purpose Haven in Houston

Andrew's project at their Woodland Oaks home in Houston was an ambitious undertaking. The goal: to convert an old tub into a sleek new shower and create an additional closet space, all on the first floor. This project wasn't just about upgrading a bathroom; it was about reimagining their living space.

Phase One: The Bathroom Transformation

The EZ Bath team embarked on this project with meticulous planning and careful job preparation. Ensuring the home was well-protected, we began the full demolition of the existing tub area, efficiently handling the debris and haul-away.

Creating the Shower Space

  • Shower Base:
  • A custom Onyx base in Chestnut, with a mid-height profile and a centered drain, laid the foundation for the new shower.
  • Wall Surround:
  • For the walls, we selected BCI Canyon Rock with a 12x12 Roma pattern. These solid surface polymer walls, known for their moisture resistance, brought a rugged yet refined aesthetic to the shower.
  • Accessories:
  • Two wide recessed (liberty style) Onyx caddies in Chestnut and an architectural bench with a smooth flat edge provided both functionality and style.

Fixture and Enclosure Details

  • Shower Fixtures:
  • The Linden In2uition shower head and valve trim kit in brushed nickel, with a handheld 2-in-1 feature, were chosen for their versatility and elegance.
  • Glass Enclosure:
  • A custom frameless glass enclosure with brushed nickel hardware was installed. The clear, 3/8” thick tempered glass was treated with a special coating to minimize water spots, enhancing the shower's luxurious feel.

Phase Two: The Closet Creation

In addition to the shower remodel, the team undertook the construction of a new closet. This included matching doors to integrate seamlessly with the room's design and the installation of three functional shelves. The team's attention to detail ensured a perfect transition from the new closet floor to the existing bathroom floor.

Gloria, Susan, and Andrew Share Their Experience

The transformation of our bathroom by EZ Bath has been a game-changer, Not only do we have a stunning new shower, but the addition of the closet has brought a new level of organization and convenience to our home. The craftsmanship, attention to detail, and functionality of every element have truly exceeded our expectations. This project has redefined our space, and we couldn't be happier.

Your Opportunity for Transformation Awaits with EZ Bath

Feeling inspired by Andrew's project in Woodland Oaks? At EZ Bath, we specialize in not just remodeling bathrooms but redefining spaces to fit your lifestyle. Whether it's a shower upgrade or adding new functional elements to your home, our team is ready to bring your vision to life. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and start your journey toward a beautifully transformed space.

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