7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Walk In Shower

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Are you thinking about installing a walk-in shower in your new bathroom? Get all of your questions about walk-in showers answered by the experts at EZ Bath.

Whether you wish to convert your existing tub into a shower or you are looking to install a timeless walk-in shower in your new custom-made bathroom, you are making the right choice!

Not only are walk-in showers one of the most in-demand bathroom renovation trends, but they are also modern, stylish, and easy to maintain. Plus, they fit any bathroom layout and are an excellent choice to make any small ensuite look large and airy.

However, a bathroom renovation can be a costly project for homeowners, and walk-in showers account for a major expense. So, it is crucial for you to make sure that this is the right choice for your bathroom.

Start by finding the answers to your doubts below - but don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at EZ Bath to learn more about custom walk-in showers!

How Much Does a Walk-In Shower Cost?

Whether you are only upgrading your shower or remodeling the whole bathroom, underestimating the costs involved is one of the easiest mistakes to make - but it is one that can be fatal to your budget!

A great starting point to understand what costs you’ll face is to use a bathroom remodel cost estimator. However, since each bathroom renovation is unique, you should take the resulting estimations with a grain of salt!!

Instead, a better option would be to obtain a custom quote from the experts at EZ Bath. Indeed, the cost of a custom walk-in shower installation can range from $7500 to $20,000, depending on factors such as:

  • The materials you choose for the shower’s surround (half walls, tiling, or glass panels)
  • Size of the walk-in shower
  • Custom elements such as in-shower benches, shelves, niches, and alcoves
  • Design details such as custom layouts and round edges
  • Desired style and number of shower heads

The overall cost of a walk-in shower installation will include:

  • The demolition of existing tub or shower
  • Rough-in plumbing
  • Installation of the surround area
  • Waterproofing the shower
  • Installation of fixtures and custom features

Prefabricated walk-in shower constructions are a suitable option if you don’t need custom elements. These can lower the cost to $1000-$3000 and represent a more affordable alternative. However, custom-made walk-in showers are a more appealing, longer-lasting, and one-of-a-kind solution.

What Is the Installation Process Like?

Americans spend just under 8 minutes a day in the shower. And yet, the quality of this home facility makes a difference in your general level of comfort! So, when it comes down to upgrading your current shower, you should not think twice about hiring a team of shower installation and plumbing experts.

This choice won’t just help you bring to life a stylish and efficient walk-in shower, but it can also increase the overall lifespan of your bathroom’s appliances! Depending on whether you are renovating the whole bathroom or just replacing the shower, the renovation process will take between 13 and 25 days. Here’s what to expect:

  1. The first step of a bathroom remodel is demolition. During this phase, your remodeling contractor will remove any existing features and dispose of old materials.
  2. You will then decide on the layout of your new bathroom and walk-in shower. This includes the installation of a new wall framing.
  3. The next phase is the plumbing and electrical rough-in. This step should be performed just by professionals who will run pipes through bored holes, connect the new features to the water supply lines, position the drains, and install water pressure valves.
  4. Your team of contractors will line the shower with a waterproof membrane and install the seamless shower pan. This step might require re-leveling the floor underneath.
  5. The custom surround you have chosen will then be installed, alongside the fixtures and features you wish to have in your new shower.

Before completing your shower project, the contractors will install the glass panels.

https://www.pexels.com/photo/interior-of-bathroom-in-daylight-7031883/ | Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Are Walk-In Showers Suitable for All Bathrooms?

Small bathrooms represent one of the most common space issues for homeowners in the US. If you are thinking of installing a walk-in shower to optimize your bathroom’s space and turn a small room into an airy space, you are not alone. In 2021, 6-in-10 Americans are planning a home renovation project, and over 55% of them want to upgrade their shower!

Luckily, one of the greatest benefits of custom walk-in showers is that they suit bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. For a standard bathroom, a prefabricated walk-in shower might be all you need to create a streamlined design.

However, if your bathroom has specific needs, a custom walk-in shower can be a great solution. Since the designers at EZ Bath will work on your bathroom’s space and layout, you won’t need to struggle to fit a traditional shower in the smaller space that is available to you. And, in the case of custom-made walk-in showers, you can benefit from the appeal of an unusually shaped, one-of-a-kind model designed specifically for your bathroom’s needs!

How Do I Care for a Walk-In Shower?

Did you know that a well-made shower can last longer than 50 years? While its doors need to be replaced after 20 years on average, the whole enclosure can truly stand the test of time. In the case of walk-in showers, which don’t have doors, this lifespan is even longer!

While they are easily cleaned and maintained, you can make your walk-in shower last longer by following a simple care routine:

  • Prevent sticky residues from shampoos and soaps from settling on the shower’s surfaces. Over time, these can affect the shower’s tiling and promote mildew proliferation. If in doubt, use a caddy!
  • Installing a bathroom exhaust fan can help you better manage the levels of indoor humidity.
  • Use a rubber squeegee after every shower to remove the water in excess that has settled on surfaces, niches, and walls, allowing them to dry faster.
  • Speak to your tile setter to better understand the best cleaning routine for the tiles’ grout lines.
  • Spray the shower with a mild cleaning solution after each shower. This will prevent soap residue build-ups on glass panels and surround surfaces.
  • Use an all-purpose bathroom cleaner to scrub the grout lines and keep the shower’s surfaces clean. This can be done once a week.
  • Consider using plants to improve your bathroom’s indoor air quality. Houseplants represent a natural and affordable way to keep your bathroom’s humidity levels under control.

What Design Elements Should I Keep in Mind?

If you have opted for a custom-made walk-in shower, you will realize that there is no need to modify your bathroom’s layout or force a standard shower into a smaller place. And, since your custom walk-in shower will be crafted on your bathroom’s unique shape, it will naturally create a more harmonious result. In turn, this can help you optimize the space and increase its functionality.

Ultimately, a custom walk-in shower can help you get the most out of your master bathroom or enhance your small guest bathroom.

Nonetheless, there are certain design elements of a walk-in shower that you should consider before the installation:

  • Keep accessibility in mind - walk-in showers are already more accessible than any other type of bath or shower. However, consider what you can incorporate in its design to make it even more accessible. Handles and custom benches are the way to go!
  • Think of your household’s needs - the needs of your family today might not be the same as tomorrow. However, a walk-in shower can last for half a century! Plan for the future by making your new shower accessible and suitable for all stages of life.
  • Opt for a timeless design - minor bathroom updates should be done every 3-6 years. And, this is because style and design trends change. However, opting for a modern, timeless, and minimalist style allows you to keep your new shower as it is for longer - without it losing its market value
https://www.pexels.com/photo/contemporary-bathroom-interior-with-shower-cabin-and-washstand-at-home-6980672/ | Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Is It Better To Have a Prefabricated or Custom-Made Walk-In Shower?

For budget-conscious homeowners, the question is always whether they should go for a prefabricated or custom-made walk-in shower. Undoubtedly, prefabricated shower constructions are more affordable and easier to install.

And, of course, with a great step-by-step bathroom remodel guide, the right tools, and some DIY knowledge, there is a lot you can do by yourself when installing a prefabricated walk-in shower. In turn, this means that you save on labor and materials.

However, the return on investment you will obtain from this choice is far smaller than the one that comes with a custom-made walk-in shower.

A tailor-made, professionally installed walk-in shower can yield a return of over 70%, last for over five decades, and consistently increase your home’s market value. And, of course, what’s better than stepping into your own, unique corner of paradise?

If you are unsure about whether you should opt for a prefabricated walk-in shower or a custom-made model, the experts at EZ Bath can help!

Can I Install a Walk-In Shower by Myself?

During a walk-in shower installation process, there is plenty you can do to limit expenses and put your DIY skills to the test. For example, you might consider taking care of the demolition phase without the help of a team of professionals.

However, there are phases of a walk-in shower installation that you should not attempt to complete by yourself. For example, the waterproofing step or the plumbing rough-in are delicate moments that require expertise and knowledge.

So, while it might be tempting to save on your custom-made walk-in shower by doing the job by yourself, you will run the risk of damaging costly materials and compromising the plumbing.

Get All of Your Questions Answered at EZ Bath

At EZ Bath, we have been installing custom-made walk-in showers for decades, and we know that each project is unique - and so should your questions be! That is why our team is always just a phone call away to answer any questions and put any doubt to the rest. Get in touch today to learn more

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