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This Room Of The House Is Gaining Popularity For The Prime Spot Of Having Sex

There is nothing better than the total privacy the bathroom can give you, is there? The bathroom becomes an oasis when you are sinking into a hot tub of scented water, and it gets even better when you realize that the bathroom isn't just for showering and doing your usual skincare routines. Did you know that the bathroom is actually the second most used spot in the house for a little... parental private time? When you are running a busy family home, finding the opportunities to get together without children pulling at your clothes isn't the easiest thing to do at all, but if you start trying to get creative in your sex life, the lightbulb moment is when you remember the bathroom door has a lock.

There is nothing wrong with the bedroom. In fact, it’s the softest and easiest place to get it on with your partner and hopefully, that’s what you’re doing. However, there’s something that has to be said for getting a little more adventurous and sex in the bathroom is a step up from what you’re doing right now. Shower sex offers a whole new set of sensations, some of which you may not have experienced before. No other part of the house can feel as fun as the shower can when you are looking to unwind - in every way possible. Coming home from a long day of work and being in a power shower with all of the additional massagers within it? Well, that’s a great way to relax and unwind. It’s even better when you have a remodel for your bathroom done to expand the size of your shower and make more space for it.

Finding Time

Between the responsibilities in your career, your home and your social life - not to mention the exhausting responsibilities of being parents - it’s so hard to really find the time for a high quality session. Sex in a marriage, while not the be all and end all, is still important for connection and quality time together. Shower sex is one of the things that you can do to reconnect and be close, and is there really any place that you can be closer than in the shower? It’s actually one of the worst things to experience, being interrupted during sex. Finding the time to wash is easy but finding the time for the kind of sex that makes the world shrink to just the two of you is so much harder when you have children. You want to be able to lock a door and sink into loving one another and it’s only going to work if you can find some privacy. As parents, you’re already taken over by children but if you cannot find time alone, you’re going to struggle. Being able to upgrade your shower so that your bathroom is somewhere you actually want to spend your time is important, but that needs to change first.

You don't want to be squashed together, however, so expanding your shower options and remodeling to enlarge your shower could be the best option that you take. The best part? After shower sex, all you have to do is rinse off, grab a towel and off you go. Shower sex is easier, more convenient, and with some changes you can avoid the slip issues. It’s supposed to be sexy, not a place to slip over and land on each other. Of course, that could still happen, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't go for it. You just learn really fast what you need to get right for next time.

The point is that you want to find time away from the kids to have some privacy. Being interrupted can give you performance anxiety, can make you hesitant to attempt it again and it can put you off sex in general. When you upgrade your bathroom and install a bigger, better shower (and a lock on the door) you’re going to regain that privacy. Showers are intimate spaces and you should use it to your advantage. You can lock the bathroom door and make sure that the shower door is shut, too. This will give you some extra privacy away from the kids and a chance to reconnect.

No Mess!

The shower is also a super convenient place to find time for one another no matter the time of the month. Some women have an increased libido during menstruation, but they don't like the idea of messing up their clean sheets. The shower means that if you’re comfortable, the mess just doesn't matter. The water is able to ensure that any mess is rinsed away easily, and that means you still get to have sex no matter the time of the month. Shower sex never sounds as sexy in real life. You might see it depicted in Hollywood, but you also see beach sex in movies and there’s definitely nothing fun about getting sand in places - right?

Shower sex gives you a chance for a two in one. You can get intimate and then wash off and pat dry afterwards. You can even just shower together to get clean and then take the rest of your evening to the softness of the bed. If periods are an issue, line the bed with mats and towels first so you don't ruin the mattress. Shower sex gives you a chance to be mess free, so why wouldn't you want to indulge? Sex during periods isn't always comfortable for every woman, but there are plenty of benefits to it. The mess is just one factor and it can make a difference if you can jump into the shower. You can make a shower a sexy place with a little forward planning and if you haven't found sex in the shower pleasureable before, don't panic.

The good news is that you can make shower sex more pleasureable and it starts by looking at your environment. If you have a tiny shower, you can certainly try and get it on, but if you look to remodel my bathroom for sex online, you’ll come up with our site. We’re happy to work with you to remodel your bathroom and enlarge your shower, adding benches and wall handles to make it easier for you.

Saving Your Marriage - One Bathroom At A Time!

When was the last time you had a onversation about your sex life? When you get married, it’s never something you consider will ever change. As time moves on, however, and you add children and expand on your careers, life changes happen and those changes can impact the physical connection that you have to one another. You might not have considered that your marriage may even need saving. When you’re both tired and your world is packed with things to do, finding time for one another is hard. However, it’s not hard to find time to get in the shower, right?

Instead of trying to put sex on a calendar, let your bathroom save your marriage. Your bathroom is going to be a savior and you might not even know it yet. If marriage counseling is your thing, then go for it. Make that appointment to try and talk to a professional about reconnecting with your partner. While you’re waiting for that appointment, however, do us a favor and give us a call. At EZ Bath, we’re concerned with ensuring that you get the bathroom that reflects your home in the most positive way. If a giant shower is going to help you to improve your sex life and thus, improve your marriage, is it really money that you can turn down spending?

Get out of the bedroom

Going outside the bedroom with your sex life is going to help you to keep your marriage on track and feel close to each other. There is a lot of psychology behind what expanding your sex life can do, but if you can expand and enlarge your shower, you’re going to help yourselves instantly. For a couple to function well, you have to have good intentions with each other in your private life. Knowing you are going to expand your sex life into other areas of the house will help you to improve the way that you feel for each other. You have to assume that you both want the same things but also, communication can help. If you want to make a difference in your marriage, then bringing your sex life outside the bedroom is one of the best options that you can take.

Being kind to one another and planning your bathroom remodel is one thing, but understanding how your sex life can be transformed by simply upgrading your bathroom and expanding your shower is going to be a game changer. You can do so many things to improve your sex life outside the bedroom and even outside the options of shower sex. When you choose to do things for each other in the most basic of senses, that’s basically foreplay! Working together outside of your sex life makes you both inclined to actually enjoy your sex life and with an upgraded bathroom, you can improve the physical side of things easily.

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How remodeling the bathroom will save your marriage

You can’t hope to add a new showerhead and have all marital problems saved. Instead, you have to work on it together, which is especially important if you have never graduated out of the bedroom before. It’s a big thing to take your sex life from the bedroom to the bathroom, especially if one of you is lacking in confidence. Being able to trust one another in your sex life is one thing, but also trusting each other to laugh when you stumble in the tiled shower instead of getting frustrated. With our accessible handrails and benches installed into your newly enlarged shower, you can ensure that those stumbles are less of a problem.

Trust each other

You also have to plan this shower together. Remodeling your bathroom should be a joint decision regardless, but knowing that you are planning a part of your sex life? That’s definitely something you should do together. Considering both of your physical fitness is important, too, because being in the bedroom is easier for those less mobile than getting creative with new positions in the shower. Trust is a big deal, as if you don't trust one another properly, you’re going to have to think about whether you should eb going ahead and taking your sex life beyond the bed.

The shower is new, and if you can make it fun and crack jokes with each other instead of about each other, you’re going to be able to find that bathroom and shower sex is going to be a fun experience in discovery and not a tense one that feels less sexy. Trusting that you can be together in the shower safely is a good place to start and that takes time to build.

Be affectionate

If you don't want to jump straight into positions in the shower and bathroom gymnastics, think about upping how affectionate you are and your foreplay. We talked about the shower being foreplay in the first instance rather than diving in for full sex. You can add benches so that you can be more comfortable with foreplay first, so no one needs to be on the shower floor. You can also upgrade the shower head with new shower wands and make foreplay a guarantee between both of you. As a married couple, the chances are high that you both already enjoy sex and know that the end result isn't always about full sex. You can still give each other attention without going the distance, right?

Make it fun

You have to make your sex life fun if you want to keep the physical side of your marriage alive. You don't have to have a boring sex life, and when it comes to shower sex, things can and do go wrong very often. You might slide over, or stumble and fall. You might forget the lube and why you need it. You might even forget to bring the right sensitive shower washes to use with each other. If you are both comfortable with fun in the shower, you’re going to be able to laugh and kiss and make it a funny story rather than get annoyed with each other, or feel like the mood is gone.

Having some humor around the situation can really help and you will find that your newly upgraded bathroom helps, too. No one wants to get jiggy in a dirty bathroom packed with cracked tiles and tepid water. You also want to have a shower that runs at the right temperature and that right pressure and all of that can be achieved with a remodel of your bathroom.

Image Source: Pexels

Making Your Marriage

Do you know what makes you go from friends to lovers? Marriage and commitment - and amazing sex life! Mostpeople say that they want to have great sex, but without communication and adventure, great sex isn't something easy to come by. Talking to your partner about what they want from yoru sex life and your future can help you both to understand expectations and if you understand what works for one another, you can enjoy every stage of making your marriage more fun.

Leaving your ego outside the bedroom (or bathroom, in this case) is important. You both may stumble over your desires from time to time but if you can’t trust the person you’re sleeping with, then you shouldn't be worrying about shower sex. Get your marriage on the kind of ground that works for you both first, and then start your planning. At EZ Bath, we’re here to help you to plan your shower and your shower accessories, amking your bathroom somewhere you can both relax enough to enjoy great sex!

Making your marriage more fun with a great sex life is a must. It’s good for your health, it’s good for your heart and it’s great for the way that you feel about one another. You want your life together to be connected and close, relaxed andhappy, and shower sex is just one of the many ways that you can comfortbaly do that. Sex isn't supposed to be boring and stuffy. It’s supposed to be sexy, romantic, engaging and fun. You should be able to laugh and talk through it so that you feel comfortable and loved. You should both remember that your choices and actions in your relationship will dictate how you feel about one another. Upgrading your bathroom is just one of the many things that you can do to positively impact your marriage.

Image Source: Pexels

How to have shower sex

Ideally, you don't need us to tell you how to have sex, but you might need a little encouragement when it comes to moving your action from the bedroom to the shower. At EZ Bath, we are always installing new shower benches either side of enlarged showers and adding grab bars. Most of the time, these are used for accessibility reasons and to help, but now we’re finding that even younger people are asking for these adjustments. Grab bars in the showers are being used for other reasons, and the same can be said for benches.

When you have a smaller shower space, you may not be able to maneuver much in those tight spaces. However, when you speak to the experts at EZ Bath, you’ll findn that you can expand the space and enrich your sex life as a result. So, what are the best tips that you need to have great shower sex? Let’s take a look!

Get the mood set

Before you can do anything - no matter where you have sex - you need to set the mood and make it work well for both of you. Sex is still important for connection, and that means more than a quickie from time to time. You can add a portable Bluetooth speaker and play some great, sexy music, and if you upgrade your lighting with your shower, you can add a dimmer switch to get rid of the bright bathroom lighting and bring the lights down low. Start running the shower but make a point of not going too hot. You want a temperature that's comfortable for every body part.

Make sure that you clean the bathroom properly before you get started, too. You want to enjoy the area, not have a dirty shower or a moldy stack of towels in the corner.

Go slowly

You don't have to dive into the shower for full on sex the first time you use it. It might take time to get used to the idea or bring your confidence up about it. Shower sex isn't the only sex, so why not use it as a method of foreplay and shower together before moving to the bed? If you start slowly, you’re going to get used to how it feels and graduate up to full sex in your brand newly remodeled shower.

Bring the lube

If you keep lube in the bathroom already, you’re good to go. While sex under your brand new rainfall shower is going to be magical, water also has the tendency to get rid of the natural lubrication produced by your body. Bring the lube and keep it on the shelf within the shower itself, and you’ll avoid any friction issues.

Keep it safe

We’re not just talking protection here, but it’s always a smart idea to be smart about your sex life. No, we’re talking about injuries and slip risks. Water and tiled flooring is known to be slippery, but you can opt for different types of flooring in your shower to prevent this. You can also add a non-slip mat to the shower to double down on safety. Oh, and let’s be clear here, keep the acrobatics where you have a little more grip. Shower sex can be amazing, but no one wants to fall down and crack a rib or break a... bone.

Image source: Pexels

Have benches and handles installed

You can have bathroom sex while gripping the sink, but in the shower there are fewer places to get a hold of. If you have handles installed in the shower space, you can get to grips with shower sex and no one needs to be injured. Bathroom shower benches also allow for you to try a range of positions that are more than just standing up. Benches give you a chance to rest, to try other things than full sex and when you’re spent, you can sit back down. Benches and handles change the landscape of your shower and give your bathroom a brand new upgrade, too.

Don't forget to lock the door

The whole point of sex in the bathroom is to find a new, exciting space for privacy. As parents, you need to be able to find space away from everything else and the bathroom could be a haven for you both. When you equip it the right way, it also turns a sex life that needed a boost into an exciting one once again. Making sure that the lock is working is important because you don't want to be mid-session and have anyone run in and interrupt you. Don't forget to lock that door and capture your connection without anyone stopping you.

Upgrade the shower

We’re talking a lot about upgrading the shower space but let’s not forget the power of the showerhead you can upgrade. At EZ Bath, we offer a range of showerheads with different massagers that will help your sex life exponentially. Whether you are using the shower for sex as a couple or you are intending on solo shower time, a power shower can make the world of difference. They come with a range of pressure settings, too, to make enhancing your sessions together more fun. Experiment with more than the pressure by changing up the temperature, too. You can have a lot of fun when you upgrade the actual showerhead so when you’re looking for bathroom remodel upgrades, add it to your list.

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